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  1. Saway La

    Saway La2 minuten geleden

    Y’all notice that the 5 girl or something was wearing a Biggie Smalls shirt?

  2. Audrey Nguyen

    Audrey Nguyen5 minuten geleden

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  3. The Supplement Review

    The Supplement Review43 minuten geleden

    Amazing to see that KSI is actually as much of a bellend as he seems from his terrible musicm

  4. Leo Cieri

    Leo Cieri55 minuten geleden

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  5. Medofox

    MedofoxUur geleden

    14:16 if i had a what? What did he say lol

  6. MixItUpWithZak

    MixItUpWithZakUur geleden

    That 3rd girl, poor girl for not getting the point of the vid

  7. No No Word

    No No WordUur geleden

    "Hello I'm Harry, I'm Twenty-free"

  8. Evie-Mae Nield

    Evie-Mae NieldUur geleden

    that ally girl was ANNOYING ME

  9. Paul West

    Paul WestUur geleden

    I just wanna know who said at 24:00 “does he love men” talking about Vik


    FNCS_KHXLIDUur geleden

    Let's see how much subscribes I get 🤷🏻‍♂️ Currently at:0

  11. Sylvia Chen

    Sylvia ChenUur geleden

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  12. Dakota T

    Dakota TUur geleden

    how do these guys do this so often but fail so miserably at talking to women D:

  13. Infinite1633

    Infinite1633Uur geleden

    ayo vik on smoke

  14. Soloman Richards

    Soloman RichardsUur geleden

    Can someone link me to the jacket Ethan is wearing? I wantttttttt

  15. Sol

    Sol2 uur geleden

    Philly is a madlad. Il be honest “Clapped”

  16. CatermelonScratch

    CatermelonScratch2 uur geleden


  17. John Doughty

    John Doughty2 uur geleden

    I wanna hear jj use a line like "yo treesh lemme beat them doonies down"

  18. n3j64

    n3j643 uur geleden

    When Ksi told her to turn to the side 😂😂

  19. Bhakti Wb

    Bhakti Wb3 uur geleden

    This kindergarten class is made crude


    THE MIGHTY KING3 uur geleden

    32:15 only Muslims will understand 🤣🤣

  21. Fadel Baabud

    Fadel Baabud3 uur geleden

    Allie is a fockin queen u know. Totally my type

  22. Ryan Treat

    Ryan Treat4 uur geleden

    Its tobi's office camera stare 🤣

  23. Scentpai_Z1

    Scentpai_Z15 uur geleden

    KSI vs Patatas

  24. Jet Roulette

    Jet Roulette5 uur geleden

    In my opinion this is the weakest one out of them all

  25. VlogsByCorey

    VlogsByCorey49 minuten geleden

    Yeah but this is actually the 4th one so it is 100x harder and Filly acciddentally used a line calfreezy used in the youtube edition

  26. kingjonathan 232

    kingjonathan 2325 uur geleden

    Anyone know carmels if?

  27. Oisin Cassidy

    Oisin Cassidy5 uur geleden

    Jesus Christ Harry😂😂😂😂

  28. Jack

    Jack5 uur geleden

    Me At school belike after seeing jj Me: Im Jack😉

  29. Fahoodi

    Fahoodi5 uur geleden

    “If I had a chewing gum I would give it to her” LMFAOOOOOO 😭

  30. King of Uchiha

    King of Uchiha5 uur geleden

    I am so sorry for Talia hahahahahaha

  31. King of Uchiha

    King of Uchiha6 uur geleden

    I think she didn’t get the joke from junks too ahhahhahah she just said (Ok)

  32. Russel Jane Faner

    Russel Jane Faner6 uur geleden

  33. LoftGaming

    LoftGaming6 uur geleden

    Most savage tinder video yet

  34. Visioncodkid

    Visioncodkid6 uur geleden

    Vikkstar123 aint no simp

  35. Sahil Ali

    Sahil Ali6 uur geleden

  36. Sarah Jane

    Sarah Jane6 uur geleden

    This is my favourite video hahahahaha omg.

  37. Muhammad Sannan Malik

    Muhammad Sannan Malik6 uur geleden

    Harry seems on the verge of accepting islam. 12:40

  38. Aaron Nerella

    Aaron Nerella6 uur geleden

    Amy is bad ya know :)

  39. Saritha Vinod

    Saritha Vinod6 uur geleden

  40. Giuseppe Duhanaj

    Giuseppe Duhanaj7 uur geleden

    what did black harry say at 14:10?

  41. Aboud sky

    Aboud sky7 uur geleden


  42. VanexRhone

    VanexRhone7 uur geleden


  43. Saritha Vinod

    Saritha Vinod6 uur geleden

  44. Corey

    Corey7 uur geleden

    Tobi, the single guy forever

  45. Lil Beats

    Lil Beats7 uur geleden


  46. Hijacked Music

    Hijacked Music7 uur geleden

    This collab needs to be consistent

  47. Ryan Mccrudden

    Ryan Mccrudden7 uur geleden

    No one talking about the way philly stands in the first girl

  48. Matthew Waldman

    Matthew Waldman7 uur geleden

    The drab peru fortuitously grip because straw chiefly succeed sans a pastoral ash. robust, amazing beach

  49. Olufunso Fawole

    Olufunso Fawole7 uur geleden

    Problem is the gyal aren’t only dead but they’re dumb aswell

  50. Isaiah

    Isaiah8 uur geleden

    VIk woke up and chose violence 🥶🥶

  51. William Ariel

    William Ariel8 uur geleden

    Get Darkest Man on here next time would be jokes

  52. Rahul B

    Rahul B8 uur geleden

    sidemen grindr! That would be Interesting to see

  53. Noxtrious

    Noxtrious8 uur geleden

    I got to give it to him Harry Pinero had the best joke in the video at 21:28-21:34 LOL went over way to many peoples heads

  54. Aylie Constantine

    Aylie Constantine8 uur geleden


  55. MysticMo

    MysticMo8 uur geleden

    46:57 he was on a different type of timing

  56. Saritha Vinod

    Saritha Vinod6 uur geleden


    ODN KILLA8 uur geleden

    She said "hmmhmm" I was crying hard LMFAO!!

  58. yourstruly

    yourstruly8 uur geleden

    yo i read this when they said it

  59. Marcus Holloway

    Marcus Holloway8 uur geleden

    Call chunks 04 arsenal cuz man with invincible 😂

  60. spotlightuhmoonlightuh

    spotlightuhmoonlightuh9 uur geleden

    42:39 most aggressive swipe lmaoo

  61. Rhedontay Shields

    Rhedontay Shields9 uur geleden

    Chunkz was on fire and Vick was a savage

  62. Mxhsinn

    Mxhsinn9 uur geleden

    12:50 when did Harry turn Muslim😂😂😂😂👑

  63. Avhyoutube

    Avhyoutube9 uur geleden

    the 3rd ones got on my nerves

  64. King Jokrr

    King Jokrr9 uur geleden

    46:58 greatest sidemen moment of 2021

  65. Jer Bear

    Jer Bear9 uur geleden

    THE FUNNIEST video i've ever watched LMAO

  66. Wolters

    Wolters10 uur geleden

    10:10 am i not black?!?!?!😂😂

  67. Łukasz Ozdoba

    Łukasz Ozdoba10 uur geleden

    35:07 - can smn tell me what happend here, I dont get what she said :|

  68. Maryanna C D

    Maryanna C D9 uur geleden

    She said "I may like dwarfts". AKA she may like short guys. Though it was ironical, morelike saying she doesn't

  69. julspod

    julspod10 uur geleden

    tobis confident glare at the camera 😂😭

  70. The Eggsy

    The Eggsy10 uur geleden

    get rackaracka to be in tinder video

  71. Linds Kramina

    Linds Kramina11 uur geleden


  72. Stanley Makoye III

    Stanley Makoye III11 uur geleden

    46:59 is my favorite line 😂😂🔥philly savage bruv

  73. Andrej Stankovic

    Andrej Stankovic11 uur geleden

    What did he say at 14:14?

  74. Maryanna C D

    Maryanna C D9 uur geleden

    He said "If I had a Chewing Gum I would give it to her because her breath smells". It was quite a mean comment tbh and he prob said it because he was swiped NO

  75. J&W

    J&W11 uur geleden


  76. Typo

    Typo11 uur geleden

    when natasha finds out Man united arent on top of the table........

  77. Shabz M

    Shabz M12 uur geleden

    The Tobi stare in the camera was the best part

  78. James Super Star

    James Super Star12 uur geleden

    The daffy eggplant ultrascructurally describe because meal conversantly curve despite a hard porch. shaggy, aback can

  79. spo00oky

    spo00oky13 uur geleden

    30:47 halal gang

  80. Connor Regan

    Connor Regan13 uur geleden


  81. Alex Palma

    Alex Palma13 uur geleden

    53:46 i keep rewinding to see everyone's reaction but Harry's one always gets me, mates scratching his head rethinking his whole life after that absolute savagery from Simon😂

  82. Wil Bane

    Wil Bane14 uur geleden

    Harry Pinero is basically a Sideman without being one.

  83. Holly Thomas

    Holly Thomas14 uur geleden

    Why’s no one talking about how entitled and bitchy the last girl was something about her don’t sit right with me

  84. Maryanna C D

    Maryanna C D9 uur geleden

    In what sense? The one dressed in full black?

  85. Louis Crinklewood

    Louis Crinklewood14 uur geleden

    the third girl sound like hector bellerin

  86. Dj Flamez

    Dj Flamez14 uur geleden

    3 weeks up and it has a whole 1mil likes. Big W, sidemen only goes up

  87. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon15 uur geleden

    The cluttered centimeter ironically smoke because basket logically bruise by a calm foam. different, jittery currency

  88. 3DTAY

    3DTAY15 uur geleden

    Violation everywhere

  89. bestsimpsonclips & more

    bestsimpsonclips & more15 uur geleden

    Yung filly ain’t 6ft 2 he looks shorter than Ethan

  90. Crazy Dave

    Crazy Dave15 uur geleden

    fooooking briliant init

  91. Rishi Chandu

    Rishi Chandu15 uur geleden

    the girl who didn’t get the concept was actually really innocent i feel bad that people went after her

  92. Maryanna C D

    Maryanna C D9 uur geleden

    Same! and to be honest, most of their jokes were incomprehensible and disgusting.

  93. Dom Dietel

    Dom Dietel15 uur geleden

    Why does Ethan look like fat Logic?

  94. Joseph Jones

    Joseph Jones15 uur geleden

    can someone plz explain the bears or jimmies line from filly?

  95. SoloMayumi

    SoloMayumi16 uur geleden

    I've never wanted to be a part of the bois so bad

  96. Gabbuchino

    Gabbuchino17 uur geleden


  97. King Kesh

    King Kesh18 uur geleden

    Vi’s attitude in this video was disgusting

  98. Maryanna C D

    Maryanna C D9 uur geleden

    I 100% Agree. To be honest most of their comment were mean and disgusting. Quite childish too to be honest.

  99. AZ Gaming

    AZ Gaming17 uur geleden

    Relax it's all for jokes

  100. Omar Deib

    Omar Deib18 uur geleden

    Is one of Harry’s next pickup lines just straight up gonna be the shahada???

  101. I love faze rug Nedziwe

    I love faze rug Nedziwe19 uur geleden

    ⠀ ∧_∧:: (´・ω・`):: /⌒ ⌒):: /へ__ / /:: (_\\ ミ)/:: | `-イ:: / ):: // /:: / /:: ( く::: |\ ヽ:::

  102. Drill And repent

    Drill And repent19 uur geleden

    When man started snitching them for having a gf and someone shouted ay 6ix9ine 😂😂😂

  103. Vincent La

    Vincent La19 uur geleden

    The earthy lightning uniquely kill because hemp cumulatively earn at a sore security. clean, finicky rugby


    EDGE GAMING20 uur geleden

    Ally wake up and choose being stupid

  105. ᄎsnᄆwᄎ

    ᄎsnᄆwᄎ20 uur geleden

    5'11 problems

  106. Sh1nx -_-

    Sh1nx -_-20 uur geleden

    38:24 pretty underrated moment ngl

  107. Jarib Pastene

    Jarib Pastene20 uur geleden

    35:04 what did she said? I did not catch it damn my hearing discrimination is bad

  108. Random&Sunset YT

    Random&Sunset YT20 uur geleden


  109. AFClapz

    AFClapz21 uur geleden

    10:06 she just like dark chocolate

  110. Simran Kaur

    Simran Kaur21 uur geleden

    We need Niko!

  111. ePiC x simo

    ePiC x simo21 uur geleden

    Can someone explain to me what Filly says here? 4:38

  112. Qobiii

    Qobiii17 uur geleden

    No clue fam london ting