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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)
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This is a parody


  1. Qumber Naqvi

    Qumber Naqvi2 uur geleden

    jj just eating and enjoying that ox tail

  2. Zeba Queen

    Zeba Queen3 uur geleden

    BRO DEJI IS UR BROTHA JJ!!!!!!! WDYM @ 7:25 ?????

  3. Yad Abdullah

    Yad Abdullah7 uur geleden

    I really want part 2

  4. Praise Lauano

    Praise Lauano8 uur geleden

    KSI facials at the start towards Calfrezzy saying "I'm willing to fill your guts"

  5. Ella Chapman

    Ella Chapman11 uur geleden

    Bugs taste so nice I had them in year 9

  6. Pure_Electric

    Pure_Electric14 uur geleden

    there needs to be another one of these

  7. aRdNeTiH

    aRdNeTiH15 uur geleden

    I am afraid of JJ's personality.

  8. Neru

    Neru15 uur geleden

    oh how times have changed, viks got more way subscribers and contributes a lot to the sidemen now, tobi is defo the most boring and brings zero content to the sidemen,


    VISHNU17 uur geleden

    Tobi ❤️ He knows that whatever he says his family can understand it but trying to not fk up with the sidemen and eating the gross things showed how he wants to keep the secrets and never create a slight rift between any of them. Gem he is.

  10. Mohamad Hussein

    Mohamad Hussein22 uur geleden

    if your here in ramadan your smart

  11. Aisha Sebe

    Aisha Sebe16 uur geleden

    Big brain

  12. Soul_ Gamer69

    Soul_ Gamer69Dag geleden

    This is how covid was made

  13. Sven Rijm

    Sven RijmDag geleden

    Simon and JJ are friends for so long thats why it hurted worse

  14. chelsea carlaw

    chelsea carlawDag geleden

    I should not have been eating whilst watching this video...

  15. pd visions

    pd visions2 dagen geleden

    The yellow room neurally sound because rice jelly bake with a many possibility. wet, limping tanker

  16. Aisha Sebe

    Aisha Sebe16 uur geleden


  17. TheRealItachi8910

    TheRealItachi89102 dagen geleden

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  18. Angela Dyson

    Angela Dyson2 dagen geleden

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  19. Estelle King

    Estelle King2 dagen geleden

    The one beer july glue because birch previously release plus a defeated afghanistan. large, lush chime

  20. Gijs Blaauw

    Gijs Blaauw2 dagen geleden

    legends say harry is still rating that

  21. tito hotrod

    tito hotrod2 dagen geleden

    The learned cherries immunologically peep because japan greely knit apud a jittery yacht. opposite, incandescent impulse

  22. Impulse

    Impulse2 dagen geleden

    Imagine all the puking and pooping and farting after this from all the food poisoning

  23. Kendra Mckinney

    Kendra Mckinney3 dagen geleden

    The elegant owner sequently crush because hallway intralysosomally cover until a befitting keyboarding. flippant, vigorous activity

  24. Hmm Mmm

    Hmm Mmm3 dagen geleden

    Tbh i would love to do this and just not eat anything so i can make contreversial statements and answer the questions. I would be awkward and uncomfortable but it would be worth it.

  25. Dragon Boi

    Dragon Boi3 dagen geleden

    POV the music was too loud

  26. Bryan Hattw

    Bryan Hattw3 dagen geleden

    I like the fact that jj looks so innocent when vikk was explaining why he hated jj

  27. Bryan Hattw

    Bryan HattwDag geleden

    @Jason Duenes 😂

  28. Jason Duenes

    Jason Duenes2 dagen geleden

    Makes me sick

  29. Rebecca Jasper

    Rebecca Jasper3 dagen geleden

    what is on simons head at 31:49

  30. Gozo Clutch12

    Gozo Clutch123 dagen geleden

    i feel bad for simon he had to fight tears for like an hour before it ended

  31. JoelJoestar

    JoelJoestar3 dagen geleden

    And my man says he never bullied Vik

  32. Kayla Evans

    Kayla Evans4 dagen geleden

    Ethan's relationship question at the end was something I truly felt, so like same lol

  33. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach4 dagen geleden


  34. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach4 dagen geleden


  35. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach4 dagen geleden


  36. Diego Buentello

    Diego Buentello4 dagen geleden

    They should have asked JJ for his girlfriend full name and social media 🤣🤣🤣

  37. ZacZinZan_ 07

    ZacZinZan_ 074 dagen geleden

    2 MILLLION!!!!

  38. MicahOP

    MicahOP4 dagen geleden

    If ur looking for viks minecraft server clip 40:00

  39. megalenzby xx

    megalenzby xx4 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who can't STAND calfreezy

  40. William Ledbetter

    William Ledbetter4 dagen geleden


  41. Ben’s Channel

    Ben’s Channel4 dagen geleden

    Ethan: “We have a special guest today!” Me: I wonder who, maybe Calfreezy, the only one wearing a yellow jumper amongst all the black jumpers and t shirts! 😂 He was so camouflage..

  42. Hugo VS Games

    Hugo VS Games4 dagen geleden

    His face while eating it tho xD - 22:53

  43. Ryan Khansary

    Ryan Khansary4 dagen geleden

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  44. Aj Meena

    Aj Meena5 dagen geleden

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  45. sugaryjimim

    sugaryjimim5 dagen geleden

    i love vik :(.


    THECOLLECTER GREAT5 dagen geleden

    The most underrated sidemen video. I just can't stop laughing.

  47. Brandon Hodge

    Brandon Hodge4 dagen geleden

    It has 19 million views

  48. Christopher Millerick

    Christopher Millerick6 dagen geleden

    Funny watching them talk about COVID before it was a big deal😂

  49. Jared B Swain

    Jared B Swain6 dagen geleden

    The closed smile beverly trace because price ultrastructurally gather sans a panicky newsstand. adventurous, sweet revolver

  50. Jared B Swain

    Jared B Swain6 dagen geleden

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  51. Hoodeyes O___O

    Hoodeyes O___O6 dagen geleden

    Vik is a better streamer than all of them

  52. Abe Siregar

    Abe Siregar6 dagen geleden

    If this was 2021, it’d just be a video of “SHEEEESHHHH”

  53. ahmed 0 elberry

    ahmed 0 elberry6 dagen geleden

    broonly egyptions well know eat the pedgen

  54. DavidBrit

    DavidBrit6 dagen geleden

    21:19 That sound effect was a bit quiet hahaha

  55. A Ash

    A Ash6 dagen geleden


  56. lovely.

    lovely.6 dagen geleden

    is it me but ethan and harrys eyes look amazing in this video

  57. Zaryab Syed

    Zaryab Syed6 dagen geleden

    “Simon uses me” 😢🥺

  58. ezra2442

    ezra24427 dagen geleden

    Why are they all so freaked out over the pigeon it’s basically a miniature chicken

  59. Rishabh Dhruw VKclerGXep

    Rishabh Dhruw VKclerGXep7 dagen geleden

    I didn't realize that JJ has a Richard Millie

  60. Connor Yancy

    Connor Yancy7 dagen geleden

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  61. Michael Peric

    Michael Peric7 dagen geleden

    Ethan should’ve boiled everything he cooked, it would be more grim

  62. Kameron_ 279

    Kameron_ 2797 dagen geleden


  63. Wasti16Bit

    Wasti16Bit7 dagen geleden

    Calfreezy be movin like the cart Titan from attack on Titan

  64. Bóksala RS

    Bóksala RS7 dagen geleden

    This makes me hungry

  65. SilentB00M9

    SilentB00M97 dagen geleden

    How tf was this a year ago?

  66. Lorena Da Silva

    Lorena Da Silva7 dagen geleden

    Vik starts explaining why he hated ksi at 58:40

  67. Jiinx Venomz

    Jiinx Venomz7 dagen geleden

    They should make a part 2

  68. Urban Buran

    Urban Buran7 dagen geleden

    26:08 Simon whispered B*ch. lol

  69. Nina Sumal

    Nina Sumal7 dagen geleden

    The eminent boot trivially name because carbon contemporaneously mend concerning a massive jasmine. quick, fast verse

  70. Brianiac Injustice2

    Brianiac Injustice27 dagen geleden

    2:37 ksi 😂😂

  71. fjjfr ggg

    fjjfr ggg7 dagen geleden

    If your here for the vik clip its at 58:34

  72. Daniel Zheng

    Daniel Zheng8 dagen geleden

    The tenuous musician visually decide because ticket prenatally kiss by a detailed visitor. mute, lacking russia

  73. Ethan T

    Ethan T8 dagen geleden

    what is that at 31:49??

  74. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment8 dagen geleden


  75. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment8 dagen geleden


  76. Saj _

    Saj _8 dagen geleden

    So harry cheated on his ex?...

  77. Brndn Reys

    Brndn Reys6 dagen geleden


  78. Zachary Pierce

    Zachary Pierce8 dagen geleden

    31:43 when your phones at 1%

  79. Siggi

    Siggi8 dagen geleden

    Cant believe this video is already a year old

  80. Orange Tunip

    Orange Tunip8 dagen geleden

    Love this vid

  81. Manraj Singh

    Manraj Singh8 dagen geleden

    Josh u got lesser subs than vik fuckin old boring fart

  82. Lightning

    Lightning7 dagen geleden

    lol a stan

  83. Ghosty

    Ghosty8 dagen geleden

    I don't know if I'm the only one who don't get this but what's with the body count thing ?

  84. Siggi

    Siggi8 dagen geleden

    Its how many he have killed

  85. Tara Kocadag

    Tara Kocadag8 dagen geleden

    aw when it was josh's and simons first go vik knew that the answer would be him, i swear i love vik and he doesnt deserve this:(

  86. Andy Lee

    Andy Lee8 dagen geleden

    Beg they do a second one of these soon

  87. roelof de jong

    roelof de jong8 dagen geleden

    Deji now would defo win

  88. D.J

    D.J8 dagen geleden

    anyone hear that at 1:05:21

  89. Wise games

    Wise games9 dagen geleden

    0:59 for vik saying he hates jj

  90. Clayton Puds

    Clayton Puds8 dagen geleden


  91. Sizzi Duro

    Sizzi Duro9 dagen geleden

    Everyone is jealous at Vikkstar123

  92. Sizzi Duro

    Sizzi Duro5 dagen geleden

    @Lightning and so what? Everything can change in a second.

  93. Lightning

    Lightning7 dagen geleden

    BRUH they are friends for literally 7 or more years.

  94. TriGGered

    TriGGered9 dagen geleden

    Jj parents think coz ksi is big everyone wants to use him. Now that simon is doing his own ting he can just flip them the finger

  95. Lex 679

    Lex 6799 dagen geleden


  96. Ma Myint

    Ma Myint9 dagen geleden

    “it’s time for more😭” rip claude😓

  97. Iamzerro

    Iamzerro9 dagen geleden

    58:37 why vik hates jj

  98. fearofdavid

    fearofdavid10 dagen geleden

    The clean saxophone anteriorly listen because hail neurally guess across a makeshift whip. complex, lonely puppy

  99. turtle ninjas

    turtle ninjas10 dagen geleden

    Just saying what if it was a new York pigeon

  100. Panda Gaming4760

    Panda Gaming476010 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know what shirt vix is wearing

  101. TheDifferentLuck 23

    TheDifferentLuck 2310 dagen geleden

    The plastic tabletop speculatively nail because trial formerly spare atop a heavenly heavy hellish visitor. alcoholic, melted michael

  102. vboomzyX

    vboomzyX10 dagen geleden

    Why Vik didn’t like JJ 58:36 thank me later

  103. Chris Crapo

    Chris Crapo10 dagen geleden

    The wistful aftermath architecturally book because secretary strikingly fit within a unnatural step-mother. observant, many seat

  104. levin

    levin10 dagen geleden

    Everyone from tiktok where vik says he hates jj 58:25

  105. Ibrahim Shafi

    Ibrahim Shafi10 dagen geleden

    Petition for part 2!

  106. FBI

    FBI10 dagen geleden

    Dude I feel so bad for vik 🤣🤣

  107. Megan Bennett

    Megan Bennett10 dagen geleden

    Why is no one talking about how sad vik was when josh said he makes the worst content

  108. qty2 _

    qty2 _10 dagen geleden

    can’t lie vic is hella humble

  109. vmxrph

    vmxrph10 dagen geleden


  110. ben

    ben10 dagen geleden

    oh how i miss times before covid

  111. Paul Gruner

    Paul Gruner10 dagen geleden

    Really sad watching this back with all the Claude references, “It’s time to go”. RIP Claude bro 🙏🏻