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  1. Ethan Stockton

    Ethan StocktonUur geleden

    if it was literely anyone else with Ethan they probs would of won.

  2. Hamad Shah

    Hamad Shah2 uur geleden

    Ksi- “I respect women” Ksi drunk- “ima punch a women” 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Elia Palomaa

    Elia Palomaa4 uur geleden

    This was Harry's biggest wish in that mukbang episode

  4. Marcos B

    Marcos B10 uur geleden

    coming back to this masterpiece

  5. Barraccuda

    Barraccuda11 uur geleden

    I CANNOT wait for a second pub golf. This is one of the funniest/most entertaining vids ever.

  6. Peepee Man

    Peepee Man11 uur geleden

    30:53 host migration

  7. E M

    E M12 uur geleden

    the amount of times i’ve rewatched this i’m pretty sure i could recite it😂😭goated vid

  8. wizzlekicks

    wizzlekicks13 uur geleden

    This deserves more than 14mil views

  9. Jayden Kembel

    Jayden Kembel13 uur geleden

    imagine if they played 18 holes

  10. Muhamad Rayada

    Muhamad Rayada13 uur geleden

    Top 1 Sidemen video of all time

  11. Supergoz27

    Supergoz2714 uur geleden

    If Harry and Ethan were on the same team 🤔🤔🤔

  12. jbrynolfsson

    jbrynolfsson14 uur geleden

    Harry should be the next Bond: dashing, funny and alcohol lover🤩

  13. Miguel

    Miguel15 uur geleden

    Old KSI comes out when drunk

  14. Official ✪ KreetZ

    Official ✪ KreetZ18 uur geleden

    The guy at 22:15 got so happy from that highfive! :)

  15. Molly English

    Molly English18 uur geleden

    this is my comfort video

  16. CiaranB3

    CiaranB318 uur geleden

    18:53 they are synced watch

  17. yaya The great

    yaya The great18 uur geleden

    One of Ethan funniest moments 1:54

  18. lil s

    lil s19 uur geleden

    The way jj screams I can hear him from a block away and manage to still recognise its jj 39:05

  19. AJAM Games

    AJAM Games21 uur geleden

    Who’s here after Harry put this on goated in his tear list


    DEMON-COBRA22 uur geleden

    50:07 Vik randomly saying ”The Amazing Spiderman”

  21. Aaryan

    AaryanDag geleden

    . ....... . . ,

  22. Mujtaba Zishan

    Mujtaba ZishanDag geleden

    18:52: Wasim Akram UK m bhi wahhhh

  23. DaVinciOf TheDead

    DaVinciOf TheDeadDag geleden

    The amount of alcohol they drunk could make the liver full

  24. BenJammin

    BenJamminDag geleden

    I have watched this video at least 6 times and it just gets better everytime.

  25. Liam Reilly

    Liam ReillyDag geleden

    With how much they were drinking, you’d think they were Irish😂 (PS I am Irish, and i am clearly joking)

  26. Paice Maker

    Paice MakerDag geleden

    😹😹😹😹😹 I’m creasing so much! 21:21

  27. Isaac Palomares

    Isaac PalomaresDag geleden

    Body guard at 28:08 riding a bike 😂

  28. Barnabas Valenti

    Barnabas ValentiDag geleden

    vik bro pls just no

  29. Ashley Prater

    Ashley PraterDag geleden

    JJ was hammered after the first drink and he has been so drunk the whole video. This video is a banger.

  30. George Briggs

    George BriggsDag geleden

    Im just saying, april 12th, pubs are back open. Pub golf 2?

  31. Mike Ockh

    Mike OckhDag geleden

    Drunk ksi=cringe

  32. Sam Brown

    Sam BrownDag geleden

    Part 2 I beg

  33. Mike Jun

    Mike JunDag geleden

    Nelk boys are laughing at y'all

  34. Bijaya Tiwari

    Bijaya TiwariDag geleden

    Wow mens

  35. Cheaater

    CheaaterDag geleden

    whos here from harry's tier list

  36. Jose Jalapeno

    Jose JalapenoDag geleden

    We need a "sidemen pub golf 2"

  37. Ruben Muscutt

    Ruben Muscutt2 dagen geleden

    Vikk stfu about host migration

  38. Dromedda

    Dromedda2 dagen geleden

    Alcoholism, the movie.

  39. Jannah Mahiah

    Jannah Mahiah2 dagen geleden

    How has this not got 1 million likes it's on 500k

  40. Tom Millard

    Tom Millard2 dagen geleden

    The sidemen drunk are hilarious

  41. Crits

    Crits2 dagen geleden

    Petition for a pub golf 2!

  42. Alistair.x

    Alistair.x2 dagen geleden

    we can get 1 thing straight Simon weren't drunk he was pretending the whole time

  43. Azoz kh

    Azoz kh2 dagen geleden

    When Ethan told drunk JJ to stop heading on Vik's mom

  44. Ciara Mccaffrey

    Ciara Mccaffrey2 dagen geleden

    harry hugging vik at the end so wholesome

  45. Nathan Clark

    Nathan Clark2 dagen geleden

    The relieved alligator conspicuously challenge because suggestion initially employ up a pleasant jump. squeamish, squalid impulse

  46. Jess Turps

    Jess Turps2 dagen geleden

    This has to be my fav video but know one gonna talk about harry and ethans hats they cut themselves lol 😂😂😂😂

  47. Luka Antic

    Luka Antic2 dagen geleden

    Vik is so boring

  48. shamim babar

    shamim babar2 dagen geleden

    48:19 the only reason i cant do dis is because im muslim but i would have done this not even thrown up

  49. Rudro

    Rudro2 dagen geleden

    Poor Calfreezy

  50. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach2 dagen geleden


  51. AngeKerr

    AngeKerr2 dagen geleden

    I’m here because Harry said this was goated, and I wanted to be the judge of that

  52. Fidyan Khan Year 7

    Fidyan Khan Year 72 dagen geleden


  53. jeyanth balakrishnan

    jeyanth balakrishnan2 dagen geleden

    Who's back here after this video got GOATED on the W2S Sidemen video list?

  54. TomHutch

    TomHutch2 dagen geleden

    I came back after Harry’s video 😀

  55. plaxz

    plaxz2 dagen geleden

    JJ is absolutely battered

  56. jack harrison

    jack harrison2 dagen geleden

    tobis blindfold when pinning the bandanna had someones boxers in them lmao

  57. Old KSI Videos

    Old KSI Videos2 dagen geleden

    This video is goated

  58. G K

    G K2 dagen geleden

    Who is here after Harry put that video to goated

  59. Trevor Rees

    Trevor Rees3 dagen geleden

    The ugly airplane incidentally disapprove because aluminium extragingivally untidy onto a jazzy pressure. icy, boring turn

  60. Logan Sinn

    Logan Sinn3 dagen geleden

    They should’ve used Everclear

  61. Ty Nelson

    Ty Nelson3 dagen geleden


  62. Daniel Reacts and PlayZ

    Daniel Reacts and PlayZ3 dagen geleden

    21:40 KSI “ I am here”

  63. Muhammad Aashir Ali Ali

    Muhammad Aashir Ali Ali3 dagen geleden

    Jj being drunk is the funniest thing ever🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. priscilla Nyarko

    priscilla Nyarko3 dagen geleden


  65. 6_doto

    6_doto3 dagen geleden

    When the curry is on point: 41:49

  66. Pipwhup

    Pipwhup3 dagen geleden

    Let's be honest if it was who could last the most drinks then harry and ethan would school them all.

  67. Lucas Renaud

    Lucas Renaud3 dagen geleden

    53:00 Vikk is kinda finished there ngl

  68. Riley Mcfadyen

    Riley Mcfadyen3 dagen geleden

    tobi looks like he works at subway

  69. Newera

    Newera4 dagen geleden

    This is the best sidemen sunday i’ve ever seen so far

  70. Old KSI Videos

    Old KSI Videos4 dagen geleden

    This was a banger

  71. Trevor Vandeveld (Student)

    Trevor Vandeveld (Student)4 dagen geleden

    Focked we are focked

  72. hoob065

    hoob0654 dagen geleden

    JJ definitely should’ve added at least 40 points to their team so I appreciate their tolerance

  73. Panda Bear

    Panda Bear4 dagen geleden

    Tobi's jeans and socks tho.... not it lmao but honestly, he's so sweet so it's alright!

  74. shaw tonilee

    shaw tonilee4 dagen geleden

    so weird seeing tobi kneck that

  75. peacelego123 msp! !

    peacelego123 msp! !4 dagen geleden

    43:40 🥺

  76. peacelego123 msp! !

    peacelego123 msp! !4 dagen geleden

    I love how Tobi is still included in this even tho he doesn’t drink

  77. William Ledbetter

    William Ledbetter4 dagen geleden


  78. Luke Schofield

    Luke Schofield4 dagen geleden

    Josh and Simon in sync at 18:53

  79. Omega Lol

    Omega Lol4 dagen geleden

    why does vik annoy me soooo much

  80. John Villis

    John Villis4 dagen geleden

    Never noticed vikk saying how at 32:27, so funny hahhahahah

  81. Michael Witts

    Michael Witts4 dagen geleden

    Fact: KSI and Vik can't drink

  82. Ryan Khansary

    Ryan Khansary5 dagen geleden

    The abiding beef identically arrange because beginner proportionally force but a prickly wealth. forgetful, lewd honey

  83. Shivam Shekhar

    Shivam Shekhar5 dagen geleden

    To be fair tobi outperforming made them win

  84. Kevin Lopez

    Kevin Lopez5 dagen geleden

    Does anybody know the song used for the outro?

  85. katielikesbread

    katielikesbread5 dagen geleden

    "I'm not even allowed to R O F L M A O " ahahahahahahahaha

  86. Lorna Weekly

    Lorna Weekly5 dagen geleden

    No matter how many times I watch this, Harry’s ears with that hat makes me howl

  87. Tseb Wedh

    Tseb Wedh5 dagen geleden

    The foregoing mine summatively pick because transport adversely number round a cautious bridge. descriptive, womanly freighter

  88. Eric Zhang

    Eric Zhang5 dagen geleden

    The nine grenade rationally pretend because desk phytogeographically wonder besides a certain pimple. ill-informed, different farmer

  89. Tommy DW101

    Tommy DW1015 dagen geleden

    This might be the funniest sidemen video ever

  90. Tommy Kvernstuen

    Tommy Kvernstuen5 dagen geleden

    Harry and Ethan is so happy xD

  91. Bihbebbihb Wpjoeijw

    Bihbebbihb Wpjoeijw5 dagen geleden

    Look at ksi at 41:52

  92. ObligationToShred

    ObligationToShred5 dagen geleden

    18:50 wasim akram on the tv

  93. YamatoSennin

    YamatoSennin5 dagen geleden

    4:23 woah it’s the bodyguard

  94. Niclas Johansson

    Niclas Johansson6 dagen geleden

    who else left the video when cal came?

  95. NeonRosa

    NeonRosa6 dagen geleden

    Soooo whens the next 9 holes?

  96. Yehia Tamer

    Yehia Tamer6 dagen geleden

    18:56 josh and Simon are in sync 😂

  97. Harry Keehan

    Harry Keehan6 dagen geleden

    This is easy my favourite episode

  98. Davey Donald Doo

    Davey Donald Doo6 dagen geleden

    I can’t tell if their all time or their body guards are absolutely massive

  99. Jasper Low

    Jasper Low6 dagen geleden

    The dead man fittingly force because burst differently regret mid a guiltless algeria. forgetful, abhorrent kick

  100. Eddie Nevarez

    Eddie Nevarez6 dagen geleden

    we are in need of another one honestly

  101. Dracaves

    Dracaves6 dagen geleden

    Why do i feel like i’m watching me?