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    FIROJ TECH2 uur geleden

    Babatunde really made me cry out of laugh 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Z A

    Z A8 uur geleden

    9:30 u can thank me later


    DAZZLER12 uur geleden

    I wish school was like this🤣

  4. Kaden Simes

    Kaden Simes13 uur geleden

    I think jj is depressed

  5. john john

    john john16 uur geleden

    vik ri

  6. My duck

    My duck17 uur geleden

    If this happened in my class everyone would be dead from laughter

  7. Danny Keossian

    Danny Keossian18 uur geleden

    what did harry say?????

  8. Roxana Stone

    Roxana Stone21 uur geleden

    this has got to be the best video on youtube. tell me im wrong.

  9. TR1GG3R

    TR1GG3R23 uur geleden

    I feel bad for ksi at 27:54

  10. Zach Dale

    Zach DaleDag geleden


  11. Zach Dale

    Zach DaleDag geleden

    I Watch this a couple of times every month

  12. Jake Carter

    Jake CarterDag geleden

    is it just me or does them bleeping it make u want to know what harrys fav spell is XD

  13. james vangilder

    james vangilderDag geleden

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  14. Cooper Bedilion

    Cooper BedilionDag geleden

    “America is only like 10 years old” but yet its economy is 10x better than any country

  15. Balraj Jaspal

    Balraj JaspalDag geleden

    20:14 phenomenal!!🔥

  16. Castillo Blackburn

    Castillo BlackburnDag geleden

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  17. EthanYT_

    EthanYT_2 dagen geleden

    OY is the picture of vikk in the back with the legendary "chocolate" the duck?? 🦆

  18. Zaco likes Turtles

    Zaco likes Turtles2 dagen geleden


  19. Terra Snow

    Terra Snow2 dagen geleden

    Oh my gosh, this video is gold.

  20. LuckyHair

    LuckyHair2 dagen geleden

    I think Harry said Hakuna Matata😂

  21. Yash Bali

    Yash Bali2 dagen geleden

    5:23 16:11 babatunde breaks character

  22. Iram Mohammed

    Iram Mohammed2 dagen geleden

    I couldnt stop laughing the whole vid LOL

  23. The Egoïst

    The Egoïst2 dagen geleden


  24. Kendra Mckinney

    Kendra Mckinney2 dagen geleden

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  25. Alex R

    Alex R2 dagen geleden

    Betthoven was Austrian

  26. Bernardo Maré

    Bernardo Maré2 dagen geleden

    34:04 Harry? 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Isabelle Berger

    Isabelle Berger2 dagen geleden

    Who else just realised what ' didn't be wear that in his old video's meant

  28. Magnus Hegg

    Magnus Hegg3 dagen geleden

    This vid is legit

  29. Hamza Bashir

    Hamza Bashir3 dagen geleden


  30. Kevin Ng

    Kevin Ng3 dagen geleden

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  31. Angelo Davis

    Angelo Davis3 dagen geleden

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  32. Hashir Khan

    Hashir Khan3 dagen geleden

    me too bro

  33. ec- Equestrian

    ec- Equestrian3 dagen geleden

    Who was that man at 02.59

  34. Ante Tolić

    Ante Tolić3 dagen geleden

    33:38 top 10 anime battles

  35. TheDifferentLuck 23

    TheDifferentLuck 234 dagen geleden

    The lovely snowman sicily overflow because back anatomically want round a dry quality. kaput, actually fear

  36. lull adrian

    lull adrian4 dagen geleden

    he looks like barry allen

  37. TheDifferentLuck 23

    TheDifferentLuck 234 dagen geleden

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  38. Wazzock

    Wazzock2 dagen geleden

    @Hashir Khan bots.

  39. Hashir Khan

    Hashir Khan3 dagen geleden

    Bro, is there something I'm missing here? There's like 10 comments like this in the past 10 hours

  40. Trevor Rees

    Trevor Rees4 dagen geleden

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  41. Trevor Rees

    Trevor Rees4 dagen geleden

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  42. Jannah Mahiah

    Jannah Mahiah4 dagen geleden

    This video made KSI break character

  43. rifmuju nijomka

    rifmuju nijomka4 dagen geleden

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  44. Lucas Henz

    Lucas Henz4 dagen geleden


  45. Kamran F. Guliyev

    Kamran F. Guliyev4 dagen geleden

    18:38 toby about to destroy someone just stop and look.

  46. TheMikefraser

    TheMikefraser4 dagen geleden

    Ethans ready... aim... fire got me dying

  47. Blitz Afk

    Blitz Afk4 dagen geleden

    16:10, i wonder what he said

  48. LDG ReaperZzz

    LDG ReaperZzz4 dagen geleden

    I think harry said whingarden up your arsen 😂😂😂

  49. Arpit13

    Arpit134 dagen geleden

    I wanna know what spell harry used😂

  50. Sonic_is_a_good_man

    Sonic_is_a_good_man5 dagen geleden

    chinese gooner lol

  51. Augster17

    Augster175 dagen geleden

    Phil making fun of Harry's accent xdddd

  52. Augster17

    Augster175 dagen geleden

    Steven carried this hes amazing

  53. LuckyBoy Alex

    LuckyBoy Alex5 dagen geleden

    What did Harry say at 16:09?

  54. CallumW

    CallumW5 dagen geleden

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  55. Rachel Mcilhargey

    Rachel Mcilhargey5 dagen geleden

    Who is the guy in the background at 3:26??? I have watched this video about 70 times and never noticed him before 😂🤣??

  56. XxAlmondShellxX

    XxAlmondShellxX5 dagen geleden

    One thing that kinda pissed me off was Josh saying who cares about America 🇺🇸

  57. ಠ_ಠ

    ಠ_ಠ3 dagen geleden


  58. Faryl Watson

    Faryl Watson5 dagen geleden

    The worlds best teacher

  59. Dylan Mundy

    Dylan Mundy5 dagen geleden

    im back

  60. F4celess

    F4celess5 dagen geleden

    harry dressed up as jake paul this vid i couldnt even tell the difference i thought jake was actually there

  61. Chris Crapo

    Chris Crapo5 dagen geleden

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  62. The siege guy

    The siege guy5 dagen geleden


  63. Aidxnz ツ

    Aidxnz ツ5 dagen geleden

    What's Harry's magic spell

  64. Fatal Error

    Fatal Error5 dagen geleden

    idk if this is true or not but i think ksi broke character at harry's favorite spell

  65. Izayah Cantu

    Izayah Cantu5 dagen geleden

    28:31 I laughed so hard when Tunde said "we did it".

  66. Keira Johnathon

    Keira Johnathon6 dagen geleden

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  67. TJC 24

    TJC 246 dagen geleden

    I wonder what Harry’s spell is

  68. alexia baxter

    alexia baxter6 dagen geleden

    jjs face when ethan said ‘talk to the hand cus the face ain’t listening’ 😦😦😦 (57:15)

  69. Harrison Creaser

    Harrison Creaser6 dagen geleden

    Josh saying ‘yes please’ gets me every time 😂

  70. Arlette Meader

    Arlette Meader6 dagen geleden

    This is by far the funniest sidemen video

  71. Zaid Khan

    Zaid Khan6 dagen geleden

    JJ is love man

  72. Sebastian Paur

    Sebastian Paur6 dagen geleden

    This should be try not to laugh

  73. GodCraft Chapter Two Official

    GodCraft Chapter Two Official6 dagen geleden

    I thought Australia was an island.

  74. Emma sweeney

    Emma sweeney6 dagen geleden

    JJ sweared 21 times in 2017

  75. Shamimara Hussain

    Shamimara Hussain6 dagen geleden

    48:05 a parakeet chokeing on a chainsaw

  76. Shamimara Hussain

    Shamimara Hussain6 dagen geleden

    43:19 hahahahahaahahhahahahahahaha i am dying

  77. Kevina Smathers

    Kevina Smathers7 dagen geleden

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  78. Daniel Zheng

    Daniel Zheng7 dagen geleden

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  79. Galaxy gaming

    Galaxy gaming7 dagen geleden

    When I saw how long this video was I clicked off

  80. Colton Crawley

    Colton Crawley7 dagen geleden

    This is the equivalent of highschools in america

  81. Caleb Dickson

    Caleb Dickson7 dagen geleden

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  82. hasan durmisevic

    hasan durmisevic7 dagen geleden

    Bro this episode is soooooo jokes hahaha

  83. Celestial AMVs

    Celestial AMVs7 dagen geleden

    I just got the year 10 joke omfg

  84. Cecilia Bohlin

    Cecilia Bohlin7 dagen geleden


  85. Aryan Mehta

    Aryan Mehta7 dagen geleden

    18:08 had me officially ded 😂 💀

  86. Harryz Ilhan

    Harryz Ilhan7 dagen geleden

    My favorite magic word sciliyosisct

  87. Skate Warrior

    Skate Warrior7 dagen geleden

    I really wanna know Harry’s favourite magic spell

  88. William DIGGES

    William DIGGES8 dagen geleden

    my mum walked in on me when I was first watching this video and I got grounded for a month, thanks a lot Phil.

  89. Allen.t

    Allen.t4 dagen geleden

    @savage no

  90. savage

    savage5 dagen geleden

    That's sad

  91. Furious

    Furious8 dagen geleden

    yo Simon is tryin to be cool not like jj

  92. josh caluag

    josh caluag8 dagen geleden


  93. CricketNR

    CricketNR8 dagen geleden

    I question how Babatunde keeps a straight face the whole time...yet laughs in all of his try not to laugh videos.

  94. Oday Ahmad

    Oday Ahmad8 dagen geleden

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  95. Oday Ahmad

    Oday Ahmad8 dagen geleden

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  96. djgmcfc83

    djgmcfc838 dagen geleden

    KSI my Pecker ! Just hides behind peoples talent !

  97. Ryan Redmond

    Ryan Redmond8 dagen geleden

    Harry said Chinese n*gga

  98. K-edits

    K-edits8 dagen geleden

    As soon as I saw the guy who plays the teacher in the thumbnail i clicked it he’s funny af

  99. junior hunter

    junior hunter8 dagen geleden

    4:31 am I the only one who heard that

  100. Ban Jeffry

    Ban Jeffry8 dagen geleden

    20:12 he go’s god mode

  101. Barrows Lincoln

    Barrows Lincoln8 dagen geleden

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  102. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach9 dagen geleden


  103. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach9 dagen geleden


  104. Darkhan345

    Darkhan3459 dagen geleden

    i STILL WANNA know what HarRy said

  105. RickyTicky549

    RickyTicky5499 dagen geleden

    The teacher took his role really seriously

  106. shindogod

    shindogod7 dagen geleden

    That's the funny part

  107. Crucify X

    Crucify X9 dagen geleden

    im still curious as to what harry’s spell was

  108. XNV crxmzy

    XNV crxmzy8 dagen geleden

    He said Chinese gooner, and I know cos after he says it whilst laughing Simon says Chinese gooner but it’s pretty hard to hear

  109. Crucify X

    Crucify X8 dagen geleden

    @XNV crxmzy yessir

  110. GhostsPresence

    GhostsPresence8 dagen geleden

    @XNV crxmzy yes

  111. XNV crxmzy

    XNV crxmzy8 dagen geleden

    Want me to tell u