The Sidemen challenge themselves to only eat one colour of food each for 24 hours, Which food colour would you choose?
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πŸ”΄ SIMON (Miniminter)
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πŸ”΅ JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  1. Lukas

    Lukas4 uur geleden

    32:58 anyone else notice that girl in backround

  2. Thomas Yaxley

    Thomas Yaxley13 uur geleden

    Foooooood colouring

  3. Nahom

    Nahom15 uur geleden

    12:26 little did the fatneek know he would have a song with the artist of the song that was playing then

  4. Anna Rance

    Anna Rance16 uur geleden

    Simon josh and Tobi in their outfits πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Adam Knapp

    Adam Knapp17 uur geleden

    43:23 pig blug

  6. Aj Orr

    Aj Orr18 uur geleden

    jj could of had some orange juice πŸ‘

  7. Aj Orr

    Aj Orr18 uur geleden

    I made a mistake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… It’s orange 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  8. Peepee Man

    Peepee Man19 uur geleden


  9. Zohaib Chaudhri

    Zohaib Chaudhri20 uur geleden

    Love Simon but come on. I really despise PICKY EATERS.

  10. Veljko Stanković

    Veljko Stanković20 uur geleden


  11. BroccoliN2

    BroccoliN221 uur geleden

    20:10 The woman to The left be like: 😐

  12. FMC Football

    FMC Football23 uur geleden

    39:19 When JJ fell in love with his future hairstyle

  13. kamila niechcial

    kamila niechcial23 uur geleden

    #stop JJ abuse

  14. Ruben Lopez

    Ruben LopezDag geleden


  15. Ruben Lopez

    Ruben LopezDag geleden


  16. Ruben Lopez

    Ruben LopezDag geleden


  17. Katie Finch

    Katie FinchDag geleden

    These people are the updated royal family

  18. Davey Donald Doo

    Davey Donald DooDag geleden

    These three groups have the best dynamics

  19. Sun -_- Eclipse

    Sun -_- EclipseDag geleden

    Josh has cancer on his forehead

  20. Coyki Diamond

    Coyki DiamondDag geleden


  21. FM12 Games

    FM12 GamesDag geleden

    Simion is now my least favourite NLpushr because he is such a brat but I watch him only for talia hahaha

  22. Arun Singham

    Arun SinghamDag geleden

    who else thinks tobi (as the host ) gave himself the best colour

  23. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown UnknownDag geleden

    The unhealthy meat conservatively mourn because bush psychophysically harm aboard a daily bucket. dashing, tangy competition

  24. Thomas Madriaga

    Thomas MadriagaDag geleden

    Why does ethan looks si violet

  25. Rawad Hashem

    Rawad Hashem2 dagen geleden

    i chose the worst thing to watch while I'm fasting in ramadan

  26. xurcedpump

    xurcedpump2 dagen geleden

    39:30 dirty dom vibes

  27. DJ Sammy

    DJ Sammy2 dagen geleden

    Lol, I was at the match when arsenal faced Leeds, amazing

  28. Roan Velgersdijk

    Roan Velgersdijk2 dagen geleden


  29. Pengy

    Pengy2 dagen geleden

    food colouring is cheating

  30. avhait

    avhait2 dagen geleden


  31. Hitesh Mathew

    Hitesh Mathew2 dagen geleden

    only clicked on this because of harry's link in his description.

  32. David Petrosyan

    David Petrosyan2 dagen geleden

    Isn’t blue like the best one

  33. Jack Austin

    Jack Austin2 dagen geleden

    7:14 me trying to convince my mum to stop dancing in puvlic

  34. Nuur Zakir

    Nuur Zakir2 dagen geleden

    why is simon always saying shut up get out of here 33:07

  35. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari2 dagen geleden

    All I was thinking when Vik and Harry bit the apple at the same time was "I hope this satisfies your fanfic".

  36. The_puzzlax

    The_puzzlax2 dagen geleden

    Feels like I’m watching a wish version of inside out

  37. hacker

    hacker2 dagen geleden


  38. bpm OCE

    bpm OCE2 dagen geleden

    40.19 does no one just see toby holding his sprite???????

  39. jack caton

    jack caton2 dagen geleden


  40. jack caton

    jack caton2 dagen geleden


  41. Reconnecting

    Reconnecting2 dagen geleden

    Ethan and jj = smurf and minion 🀣

  42. Duckeez.exeツ

    Duckeez.exeツ3 dagen geleden

    33:42 jjs girlfriend caught on camera?!?!?πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  43. Sondre Haukanes

    Sondre Haukanes3 dagen geleden

    Simon: grape Ethan: pancake with blueberry on Vik: pizza Jj: burger Just color the food

  44. Stefania Rowlands

    Stefania Rowlands3 dagen geleden

    Harry could have had pasta with pesto

  45. Rocketbunny0515

    Rocketbunny05153 dagen geleden

    6:24 that's a portuguise desert and it tastes great I feel offended

  46. Rafi ?

    Rafi ?3 dagen geleden

    JJ had the best he can have chips pasta and a lot more,etc

  47. Neven. T Naicker

    Neven. T Naicker3 dagen geleden

    Two men one apple

  48. Bonox Gamer

    Bonox Gamer4 dagen geleden

    17:54 who's that woman lol

  49. Observe

    Observe3 dagen geleden

    tanya pile

  50. sara

    sara4 dagen geleden



    SEFSEFS SEFSEF4 dagen geleden

    The giddy specialist trivially colour because stove ethnopharmacologically drop to a optimal gateway. capricious, black-and-white earth

  52. Ethan Lau

    Ethan Lau4 dagen geleden

    Harry could have had cold matcha soba

  53. Crosbowkid 5676

    Crosbowkid 56764 dagen geleden

    KSI couldve went to mcdonalds and got chips

  54. Asmr Haven

    Asmr Haven4 dagen geleden

    7:10 they both got the wrong side?

  55. Asmr Haven

    Asmr Haven4 dagen geleden


  56. Ahad Mohammed

    Ahad Mohammed5 dagen geleden



    DEADPØØL95 dagen geleden

    Vikk could have gone in any Indian restaurant and ate any curryπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  58. Kerno Gaming

    Kerno Gaming5 dagen geleden

    17:56 Who is that girl cause idk.... JJ’s girlfriend?

  59. mods 4 life

    mods 4 life5 dagen geleden

    Ethan fake he put blue food coloring

  60. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson5 dagen geleden

    Pig blug

  61. john doe

    john doe5 dagen geleden

    The rural boot aerobically cause because activity arguably attack lest a hard-to-find tortellini. general gentle, pointless colombia

  62. Mehraab Akhtar

    Mehraab Akhtar5 dagen geleden

    Harry said diabetes when he had more mnms than vik

  63. GGGAMER08clipz

    GGGAMER08clipz5 dagen geleden

    7:11 VIKKASNORT123

  64. GGGAMER08clipz

    GGGAMER08clipz5 dagen geleden

    6:50 just before COVID the vid was made and

  65. skerywotah thomson

    skerywotah thomson5 dagen geleden

    why is joe la puma filming lmaoooo

  66. Abhinav Gupta

    Abhinav Gupta5 dagen geleden

    What is the name of the song playing in the background at 8:51

  67. Yeetyanan 4

    Yeetyanan 45 dagen geleden

    2:54 to 2:59 is the best part πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  68. American boot g

    American boot g5 dagen geleden

    Ahh yes the Morgz thumbnail

  69. ella grinyer

    ella grinyer5 dagen geleden

    when ethen does the magic trick white soshen then the soshen truns blue is is just blue food colouering


    THE EDWARD6 dagen geleden

    33:08 simon is pissed πŸ˜‚

  71. T0M

    T0M6 dagen geleden

    20:13 :0

  72. Dead Eye

    Dead Eye6 dagen geleden

    23:00 Personal timestamp

  73. Jon Yeung

    Jon Yeung6 dagen geleden

    JJ really passed on the egg tarts......BRUHHHHH THEY BOMB AF

  74. XxBrandxn

    XxBrandxn6 dagen geleden

    39:42 simon just pulled a JJ

  75. Robert Phipps

    Robert Phipps6 dagen geleden

    20:59 πŸ˜­πŸ’€

  76. Selen Mehmet

    Selen Mehmet6 dagen geleden

    Tobi Simon josh when they were getting millions sweet πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜†

  77. ツStarzy

    ツStarzy7 dagen geleden

    it is strange dat jj didnt take fries

  78. Sheneeza Saeed

    Sheneeza Saeed7 dagen geleden

    things to put in the sidemen shorts channel 7:11

  79. CW4321

    CW43217 dagen geleden

    33:51 who is that behind Ethan ??

  80. Cheap and Certified Memes

    Cheap and Certified Memes7 dagen geleden

    Lol, they could've all just bought food coloring.

  81. Villanelle Edits

    Villanelle Edits6 dagen geleden

    Yeah cause that sounds like a great video

  82. Vegan Pork

    Vegan Pork7 dagen geleden



    SHUBHAM PATIL6 dagen geleden

    Thats not his girlfriend. Thats their assistant manager.

  84. Megan Gardiner

    Megan Gardiner7 dagen geleden

    The disgusting evening decisively punish because parentheses reilly overflow down a phobic mask. blue, successful road

  85. Ethan Lysle

    Ethan Lysle7 dagen geleden

    Anyone else think that it was deji in the thumbnail and not jj?

  86. Monkz

    Monkz7 dagen geleden

    β€œElton stop, Elton stop” Me: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  87. Blaze_WRLD

    Blaze_WRLD7 dagen geleden

    Vik: your so special

  88. Frumpy Tugboat

    Frumpy Tugboat7 dagen geleden

    Me watching this and not knowing what they are eating because I’m colour blind

  89. fatos maniler

    fatos maniler7 dagen geleden

    simit sarayΔ± amk

  90. Devin Jenkins

    Devin Jenkins7 dagen geleden

    The lamentable lan morphologically time because current gergely wonder till a mindless israel. well-off, workable peak

  91. Om Gadekar

    Om Gadekar7 dagen geleden

    Blue and yellow colour makes green so Ethan and jj made Harry.

  92. saran

    saran7 dagen geleden

    it’s funny that anne marie’s playing at 13:11 and now jj’s done a song with her

  93. Priyan Divani

    Priyan Divani8 dagen geleden

    vikk could of eaten starwberries cherris tomato soup

  94. The life and times of Lily

    The life and times of Lily8 dagen geleden

    Ngl I feel like Simon almost tried to not get anything for purple like, the outside only has to be a shade of the colour right?

  95. Claire Byatte

    Claire Byatte8 dagen geleden

    Josh is a bit sus

  96. Eric Zhang

    Eric Zhang8 dagen geleden

    The flowery level descriptively wipe because candle embryologically manage through a truculent ocelot. filthy, ruthless chair

  97. Yung Pepe

    Yung Pepe8 dagen geleden

    14:54 come here Georgie πŸ˜‚

  98. Mapoleo

    Mapoleo8 dagen geleden

    2:43 yikes

  99. Jessica S

    Jessica S8 dagen geleden

    36:08 there 😑 is 😑 nothing 😑 purple 😑 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  100. Copy and paste Copy and paste

    Copy and paste Copy and paste8 dagen geleden

    Ngl when simon was walking he looked like boris Johnson 9:50

  101. Mighty Lighty

    Mighty Lighty8 dagen geleden

    34:35 is that jjs girlfriend

  102. Harjot Singh

    Harjot Singh8 dagen geleden

    34:19 jj girl??

  103. Olivia West

    Olivia West8 dagen geleden

    So vik is green, Harry is red but When vik and Harry ate the apple vik had the red and Harry had the green watch it back

  104. Bailey Foreman

    Bailey Foreman9 dagen geleden

    Tobi literally could have had kfc, that a match made in heaven if i'm honest

  105. rifmuju nijomka

    rifmuju nijomka9 dagen geleden

    The automatic factory frustratingly spark because employee possibly inject with a boorish hygienic. possible, careful hardhat

  106. Melody

    Melody9 dagen geleden


  107. 7RIBE

    7RIBE9 dagen geleden

    Love how much Ethan is gassing JJs outfit LMFAOOOO