The Sidemen take on THE HOTTEST WINGS as they try 10 of the World's HOTTEST sauces!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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  1. Victoria

    Victoria43 seconden geleden

    I feel their pain through the screen 😬😬

  2. Wilbur Norris

    Wilbur NorrisUur geleden

    Ethans answer is completely wrong If u measure a dinos voice box size x the echo of of the jaw muscles and then divided by air pressure they r actually like squeals or bird chirps



    i thaught dis was lil bored lol

  4. Zaidan 96

    Zaidan 964 uur geleden

    Who's write the subs?

  5. Amir Omer

    Amir Omer4 uur geleden


  6. Hadi Randhawa

    Hadi Randhawa5 uur geleden

    Why does josh eat like that

  7. Aman Niyas

    Aman Niyas5 uur geleden

    The subs trigger me

  8. Kevin Doan

    Kevin Doan5 uur geleden

    30:10 KSI Give me some chicken

  9. Reevnn

    Reevnn7 uur geleden

    Harry just makes my day. "If in doubt kick em out"

  10. Tyler DiCarlo

    Tyler DiCarlo8 uur geleden

    "id take easy money, thats why we do sidemen reacts" - bog. what a lad

  11. Brady Gonnerman

    Brady Gonnerman9 uur geleden

    KSI likes dongs

  12. Revetek

    Revetek9 uur geleden


  13. Abdullah Malik

    Abdullah Malik11 uur geleden

    Wanna see zombie! 36:55 🧟‍♂️

  14. Dova

    Dova11 uur geleden

    Vikk and JJ are basically coconuts 2 white men inside a black and brown body

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous11 uur geleden

    Anyone else read the subtitles?

  16. Daliggowski

    Daliggowski12 uur geleden

    Why did the title of the video change? I swear it was "SIDEMEN HOT ONES" before?

  17. Kutad 69

    Kutad 6913 uur geleden

    Jj: I need a loli Me: here’s the code

  18. L P

    L P13 uur geleden

    Big respect for josh to opening up about everything❤️

  19. Man Yeetus

    Man Yeetus13 uur geleden

    I thing ksi's dead

  20. The life and times of Lily

    The life and times of Lily13 uur geleden

    And I'm sitting here eating sour sweets and thinking my tongues stinging lol

  21. battlelandspro8

    battlelandspro814 uur geleden

    Who else is watching this during Ramadan, lol ?

  22. Ishimwe Ishimwe

    Ishimwe Ishimwe14 uur geleden

    Vikk was the star of this show😂

  23. NapTime

    NapTime14 uur geleden

    I'm confused. Im not good with spicy stuff but I adore the colon cleaner one. I don't remember it being that crazy hot. It was bomb with a fried egg.

  24. Jake Brunt-Evans

    Jake Brunt-Evans15 uur geleden

    vik’s pupils were dilating and everything 😂

  25. MohamedRass

    MohamedRass15 uur geleden

    18:44 LOL Vikk came back to life LOL

  26. Nate Harrington

    Nate Harrington15 uur geleden

    Turn captions on in the beginning of the video

  27. peep is bæ

    peep is bæ15 uur geleden

    Harry & Josh sitting there calmly is giving me very much serial killer vibes

  28. J4CK_UK

    J4CK_UK18 uur geleden

    Poor jj

  29. honda mtvlg

    honda mtvlg19 uur geleden

    I am monke 35:18

  30. Max Wenmakers

    Max Wenmakers22 uur geleden

    Why is no one talking abt JJ yelling: CHICKEN

  31. Sam & Leah

    Sam & Leah23 uur geleden

    Who has watched little boreds edit of this and is now stuck with hearing it

  32. Violates

    ViolatesDag geleden

    Nobody in the 7 months this video has been out wanna talk about KSI reaction when he decided to suck the popsicle on camera 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Violates

    Violates12 uur geleden

    @SHUBHAM PATIL sorry I’m not a weirdo who sits on Reddit 😂


    SHUBHAM PATIL18 uur geleden

    They literally memed him on his reddit for that for so long.

  35. TheBestEverXoxo

    TheBestEverXoxoDag geleden

    Fun fact: Dinosaurs probably never had scaly skin, and more likely were covered in feathers like a hug bird. Scientists have recovered feathers in close proximity of dinosaur fossils.

  36. SednariusIsCracked

    SednariusIsCrackedDag geleden


  37. Pluto冥王星シ

    Pluto冥王星シDag geleden

    8:26 with subtitles hold up

  38. C.A.A.N

    C.A.A.NDag geleden

    Copy and paste, then make so much money that destabilizes the worlds economy, then watch as humanity deconstructs itself because it's true God has died.

  39. Prod MISC

    Prod MISCDag geleden

    i wanna know why simon wish he never met bhad babie he got cut off

  40. Gangstargamer 213

    Gangstargamer 213Dag geleden

    31.06 is so cute with viks sound


    BT BLAZERDag geleden


  42. Zack Ashfeild

    Zack AshfeildDag geleden

    hii like this youtube chan

  43. raunox

    raunoxDag geleden

    anyone notice they changed the yt title from sdmn hot ones?

  44. Mohammed Alomda

    Mohammed AlomdaDag geleden

    Give me some chicken 😂😂😂

  45. Mo_pro 1

    Mo_pro 1Dag geleden

    "If in doubt kick em out" - harry 2020

  46. asf asd

    asf asdDag geleden


  47. RTV_DXRK_ViP3R

    RTV_DXRK_ViP3RDag geleden

    Guilty pleasure: I like watching people hurt themselves

  48. Notorious Ho

    Notorious HoDag geleden

    The subtitles are off

  49. Donald Tump

    Donald TumpDag geleden


  50. Unknown

    UnknownDag geleden

    19:08 JJ looked like a natural🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  51. Juan

    JuanDag geleden

    Condoms right - Ethan Behzinga 2020

  52. james vangilder

    james vangilderDag geleden

    The alcoholic postbox differently thank because coil critically separate including a embarrassed railway. changeable, tasteless prosecution

  53. chris ferriday

    chris ferriday2 dagen geleden

    Someone buy vikk a puppy

  54. FLuiDX FL7YNN

    FLuiDX FL7YNN2 dagen geleden

    Wat did i do jj

  55. Homeless Hobbo

    Homeless Hobbo2 dagen geleden

    30:08 - 35:31 he is gonna be happy on thanksgiving if he gets chicken instead of a turkey 😂

  56. RubyTuesday 202

    RubyTuesday 2022 dagen geleden

    30:06 JJ: *freaking out* “I NeEd SoMe cHiCkEn” Josh: *sitting silently eating the chicken* “😳”

  57. Matthew Slater

    Matthew Slater2 dagen geleden

    why is no one literally talking about how they were going to get sued by hot ones and have cut out twenty minute

  58. Gus Vukman

    Gus Vukman2 dagen geleden

    Ksi gets teretz from spice , bro what happened

  59. Alexandre

    Alexandre2 dagen geleden

    Ay the vid is back it was put on private

  60. Smh Dude

    Smh Dude2 dagen geleden

    Wait did they rename the video? I swear it was called “Sidemen Hot ones” and now it’s called “Sidemen eat the hottest wings challenge”


    SHUBHAM PATIL18 uur geleden

    For copyright reasons.

  62. Crusader on Crack

    Crusader on Crack2 dagen geleden

    12:00 this is when my parents find out i got low grades in the midterm and final exams

  63. Kendra Mckinney

    Kendra Mckinney2 dagen geleden

    The white intestine evolutionarily reflect because squirrel serendipitously rinse regarding a furry furtive scraper. disagreeable, dangerous peace

  64. Henny Gang

    Henny Gang2 dagen geleden

    Lmao harrys Drinkin The Sauce

  65. Alpharelic 2021

    Alpharelic 20212 dagen geleden

    Is it strange that these people's existential crises cured my own?

  66. Dev

    Dev2 dagen geleden

    bro captions are f------- ed up

  67. Daniel De-Abreu

    Daniel De-Abreu2 dagen geleden

    Anyone here after the titles changed

  68. ส เ

    ส เ3 dagen geleden

    The friendly giant hisologically welcome because sandwich strikingly expand off a literate road. angry, soft exhaust

  69. ttv. ambermumof4 ttv

    ttv. ambermumof4 ttv3 dagen geleden

    JJs face through the whole video

  70. Xadia

    Xadia3 dagen geleden

    just to explain because of the size of the voice box and vocal chords and the zise of the dinosaur idk if this is true just a guess

  71. Tøxic Beats.

    Tøxic Beats.3 dagen geleden

    No one gonna talk abt the fact tobi is looking like a discounted metro boomin 💀

  72. Shirley Breytenbach

    Shirley Breytenbach3 dagen geleden

    Undo global warming and pollution

  73. Isaias tapia

    Isaias tapia3 dagen geleden

    Captions are on point

  74. Yanu

    Yanu2 dagen geleden


  75. HillBillyBob

    HillBillyBob3 dagen geleden

    Wasnt this titled sidemen Hot Ones

  76. leo cheavel

    leo cheavel3 dagen geleden

    where did they get the chicken wings from

  77. Wen Li

    Wen Li3 dagen geleden

    The last 4mins and 30seconds were golden

  78. Just.blacked

    Just.blacked3 dagen geleden

    8:21 yoo that vvvvvvvvvv is so funny 😂

  79. Nikhil Shukla

    Nikhil Shukla3 dagen geleden

    This has to be the best sidemen Sunday video ever!

  80. zack hulme

    zack hulme3 dagen geleden

    Who’s here after they had to change the title and add the first part in the video?🤣🤣

  81. Bully Maguire

    Bully Maguire3 dagen geleden

    I am Legend def one of the best movies of all time

  82. Ameizing Zarya

    Ameizing Zarya3 dagen geleden

    I wanna see Ksi and Shaq on hot ones together

  83. Evster

    Evster3 dagen geleden

    Simon: 2016 that whole year was sick 2016: Harambe Died

  84. TRZ RN

    TRZ RN3 dagen geleden

    i remember when it was titled hot ones

  85. MEE6

    MEE63 dagen geleden

    I straight up laughed for 20 minutes

  86. ANS

    ANS3 dagen geleden

    Tobi was chill asf

  87. The Wizard

    The Wizard3 dagen geleden

    LMAO Who's JJ talking to at @22:00

  88. John Blom

    John Blom3 dagen geleden

    what is up with the subtitles

  89. A Ryan Memes

    A Ryan Memes3 dagen geleden

    32:01 listen with your eyes closed

  90. TheDrunkRobot

    TheDrunkRobot4 dagen geleden

    Simons face at 23:54 is underrated

  91. xTeRkZx Games

    xTeRkZx Games4 dagen geleden

    Well if i can undo anything, does that mean that my memories would be also undo'D? If not then is it allowed to work out in a minute(keep on undoing till i work out enough) And is there any durations for it?

  92. Akshar

    Akshar4 dagen geleden

    Tobi was so calm eating all the sauces

  93. dead eye 17

    dead eye 174 dagen geleden


  94. Od-Erdene Sambasanchir

    Od-Erdene Sambasanchir4 dagen geleden

    I feel so guilty. I am here laughing at jj, but if I ate these, I think I'd be worse

  95. Awie Joe

    Awie Joe4 dagen geleden

    21:55 KSI KILL MODE

  96. Oscar Mendez

    Oscar Mendez4 dagen geleden

    Everyone took little drops except Harry and vikk

  97. Spades Layz

    Spades Layz4 dagen geleden

    Would rather have Babatunde eating the spicy wings than jj

  98. Deleted

    Deleted4 dagen geleden

    Bro Ethan and Simon are beasts. Not once they were crying or screaming

  99. Insert Name here:

    Insert Name here:4 dagen geleden

    spice king would eat this no problem

  100. rifmuju nijomka

    rifmuju nijomka4 dagen geleden

    The creepy snowman cranially drip because amusement inspiringly strap following a obeisant theater. statuesque, rigid apparatus

  101. mwmas 3159

    mwmas 31594 dagen geleden


  102. Jpn 63Playz

    Jpn 63Playz4 dagen geleden

    As if Simon firmed the last one

  103. Roberto Makhole

    Roberto Makhole4 dagen geleden

    Ethan talking about that football player not caring about his fans enough is ironic coming from him