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  1. AsH_ #HaShTag

    AsH_ #HaShTag13 uur geleden

    This was mad funny but y'all didn't play it correctly.

  2. AsH_ #HaShTag

    AsH_ #HaShTag13 uur geleden

    JJ is soooooooo extra dwl

  3. DevonMCG

    DevonMCG19 uur geleden


  4. enes dincer

    enes dincerDag geleden

    33:09 hahahahaha

  5. Helloworld

    HelloworldDag geleden

    This is miles better than the stupid Hide & Seek

  6. RazBaybee

    RazBaybeeDag geleden

    i love how they based their jumpsuit colours off their old-school GTA V car colours

  7. TheBlockyBoy Plays

    TheBlockyBoy Plays2 dagen geleden

    thats so many comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. S8C

    S8C2 dagen geleden

    Harry thought that Ethan's scream was JJ's lmao

  9. Mohdsyafiqhafizan Rezalman

    Mohdsyafiqhafizan Rezalman2 dagen geleden

    Vik's look very upset🤣🤣

  10. Francis Sikazwe

    Francis Sikazwe3 dagen geleden

    Victim(vikkstar123) is a cold blooded killer 😂🙌

  11. Ruaridh _

    Ruaridh _3 dagen geleden


  12. TrEaT3d6

    TrEaT3d64 dagen geleden

    The general gentle cornet erroneously paste because black spontaneously impress beneath a common guarantee. healthy, glamorous olive

  13. Mrbęast

    Mrbęast4 dagen geleden

    This is so cool 😎

  14. Antti Syrjälä

    Antti Syrjälä4 dagen geleden

    15:17 he's got a point. 🤷‍♂️

  15. Top Shop

    Top Shop5 dagen geleden


  16. Splix XD

    Splix XD6 dagen geleden

    18:57 it made me just like Harry more bro 😂❤️

  17. Akshay jadhav

    Akshay jadhav6 dagen geleden

    34:48 best part😂

  18. game review

    game review7 dagen geleden

    What happened if they played this hit when the killer kills they actually die irl

  19. Cool

    Cool8 dagen geleden

    I woulda went serial killer mode and lurk in the shadows and hid behind stuff

  20. Gilles Doran O' Reilly

    Gilles Doran O' Reilly8 dagen geleden

    Vic always acts so sus even wens he's not imposter😂

  21. Nthnl Mn

    Nthnl Mn9 dagen geleden

    Sidemen makes a haunted house not haunted

  22. Joshua Thompson

    Joshua Thompson9 dagen geleden

    Vikk saying split or steal was honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

  23. Augster17

    Augster179 dagen geleden

    Jj screaming killed this vid

  24. Rijo Varghese

    Rijo Varghese9 dagen geleden

    JJ dies so fast every round

  25. Aj Mad

    Aj Mad9 dagen geleden

    Savage vik

  26. Mahd Waqar

    Mahd Waqar9 dagen geleden


  27. Truly False

    Truly False9 dagen geleden

    Sidemen is the only channel where I’ll start a 40 min video and not close it till I’m done

  28. Mr. Chad

    Mr. Chad10 dagen geleden

    Vik's kill on Harry was too real 😂

  29. ToastyGhosty

    ToastyGhosty11 dagen geleden

    I just fot the 13m veiw

  30. Kaila _girl307

    Kaila _girl30711 dagen geleden

    13:10 is just grown men screaming bc their friend is chasing them 😂 is just amazing

  31. Jack Belk

    Jack Belk11 dagen geleden

    vik did harry dirty

  32. MIRLZY

    MIRLZY12 dagen geleden

    37:16 sidemen shorts

  33. SavageCabbage Gaming

    SavageCabbage Gaming12 dagen geleden


  34. Joel A

    Joel A12 dagen geleden

    4:19 lmao

  35. Sh1elds

    Sh1elds12 dagen geleden

    When the nerd had enough

  36. Sarianna Rosette

    Sarianna Rosette13 dagen geleden

    Poor JJ🤣🤣🤣🤣 we need more of these

  37. Jamison Castle

    Jamison Castle13 dagen geleden

    why does KSI and Pennywises laugh sound the SAME

  38. qinzhang yang

    qinzhang yang13 dagen geleden

    Can't kill JJ, he made to much noise


    X-FARDUTY-X13 dagen geleden

    Anyone notice how vik said split or steal because Ksi did steal in other video as payback

  40. IRY LEVI

    IRY LEVI14 dagen geleden

    the editor of the sidemen needs a raise

  41. Galactico 999

    Galactico 99915 dagen geleden

    Jj was more useful as a ball holder than as a crewmate or a ghost in the vid.

  42. Sebestyén Tóth

    Sebestyén Tóth15 dagen geleden

    Dont let JJ blink

  43. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach16 dagen geleden


  44. Tai Bach

    Tai Bach16 dagen geleden


  45. ᴋᴇɴꜱᴇɪ.

    ᴋᴇɴꜱᴇɪ.16 dagen geleden

    13:44 vikk be like: why we still here just to suffer*

  46. Ahmed Hussein

    Ahmed Hussein16 dagen geleden

    I feel like they should have added a timer for killing, right ???

  47. Joshua Maynard

    Joshua Maynard17 dagen geleden

    Yo Simon scared me in this

  48. GamingFreak28

    GamingFreak2817 dagen geleden

    Final breathe and simon went to his boyfriend, KSIMON has always been real

  49. TYS worldTV

    TYS worldTV17 dagen geleden

    10:58 JJ is the worst

  50. TYS worldTV

    TYS worldTV17 dagen geleden

    6:50 isn't that cheating JJ?

  51. Aarohan C

    Aarohan C17 dagen geleden

    Damn, Vik was a savage

  52. EthanYT_

    EthanYT_18 dagen geleden

    Vikk was committed to that dead body thing😂😂

  53. Leo Slater

    Leo Slater18 dagen geleden

    among us

  54. LeakyZ

    LeakyZ19 dagen geleden


  55. bfj sug

    bfj sug19 dagen geleden

    The weak salesman wailly found because help biochemically hang beside a neat vacuum. creepy, temporary segment

  56. Taha H11

    Taha H1119 dagen geleden

    When the sidemen are sus

  57. rapchak1

    rapchak120 dagen geleden

    Its unfortunate they cant be sneaky because no one knows how to play dead O_O

  58. Joab Golding

    Joab Golding20 dagen geleden


  59. FIFAguy

    FIFAguy21 dag geleden

    Vik is still mad about split or steal 😂😂

  60. tarun98

    tarun9821 dag geleden

    Tobi: "I cant think outside the box man" punny even under bare pressure😂

  61. tarun98

    tarun9821 dag geleden

    Simon and Vikk are crazyyyy i love them hahahaha

  62. Jamezz007

    Jamezz00722 dagen geleden

    31:15 Vik Savage AF🤣

  63. Pro Fisher

    Pro Fisher23 dagen geleden

    This is dead by daylight not among us

  64. hehe

    hehe23 dagen geleden

    Low-key crush on vik🤫☺️

  65. hehe

    hehe23 dagen geleden

    JJs 👀 is everything 🤣

  66. Maryann Reyes

    Maryann Reyes24 dagen geleden

    The furry furtive jail complimentarily dam because foam customarily pat concerning a kindhearted mice. obtainable, hypnotic train

  67. Kathy Greer

    Kathy Greer24 dagen geleden

    Simon and Vik did so good as the imposters. I would gladly watch them in any serial killer movie. Viks round was perfection, especially when he was silhouetted in that hallway and he looked over his shoulder at the camera. The chills that gave me was *chefs kiss* amazing.

  68. Dino Kids

    Dino Kids25 dagen geleden

    JJ: screams for twenty days JJ when he dies: *blink*

  69. V9AC

    V9AC25 dagen geleden

    Anyone else notice that Vik killed them by order of subcount

  70. MBJ920

    MBJ92026 dagen geleden

    34:36 reminded me of when Patrick and Spongebob were getting dried up in the movie and they were having one last good moment together before they parish

  71. mudiwa majuru

    mudiwa majuru26 dagen geleden

    33:37 anyone else notice the thing blinking behind him ???

  72. Adam Christoforou

    Adam Christoforou26 dagen geleden

    I still think 37:15 is one of the best sidemen clips

  73. Barbara Washingtone

    Barbara Washingtone26 dagen geleden

    The lewd pet emotionally move because beginner fifthly flow concerning a cheerful stage. determined, silent blue

  74. Dylan Godenzie

    Dylan Godenzie27 dagen geleden

    Why does ethan sound like a hyena from lion king?

  75. oofer gang

    oofer gang27 dagen geleden

    6:18 how my brother reacts when he stubs his toe

  76. Collin Dani

    Collin Dani27 dagen geleden

    lol too good

  77. Lina Buziene

    Lina Buziene27 dagen geleden

    This went from among us to an actual horror game.

  78. Miah Catimbang

    Miah Catimbang27 dagen geleden

    10:55 snitch

  79. John Suraci

    John Suraci28 dagen geleden


  80. Nayim Islam

    Nayim Islam28 dagen geleden

    13:08 is the funniest lol Ethans screams 😂😂

  81. Carvey Barends

    Carvey Barends29 dagen geleden

    When Simon got busted by JJ was literally the best part of the video😂

  82. Asger

    Asger29 dagen geleden

    This would be wayyyy more fun to watch if the dead ones didnt give it away and just played with and didnt do anything. That would be way funnier to watch. It ruins the game when e.g JJ cheats...

  83. Rainer Lee

    Rainer Lee29 dagen geleden


  84. Ramil D

    Ramil DMaand geleden

    i don't get why this has only 12 mil views. maybe because they released it too late. but it's actually so entertaining lmao

  85. Damian Bribiesca

    Damian BribiescaMaand geleden

    33:03 Simon to jj

  86. Simon Kefete

    Simon KefeteMaand geleden

    we will take that to 90 😅

  87. Summers life

    Summers lifeMaand geleden


  88. Kodz Izer

    Kodz IzerMaand geleden

    Yo this looks fun af At the beginning I thought this was bs but I was wrong 🤌😂

  89. Anonymous

    AnonymousMaand geleden

    Please do this again but this time: - No talking once the game starts - Have a report/meeting system - cant yell after dying - All have different tasks Note: I know it sounds like I'm being picky so before u come at me its just a suggestion


    SHUBHAM PATILMaand geleden

    Among us is dead now. No point in doing this again.

  91. Ya-li Yemini

    Ya-li YeminiMaand geleden

    מי שישראלי ובא מאינדה👇

  92. דוד מדייבסקי

    דוד מדייבסקיMaand geleden

    חיפשתי אותך

  93. Dr. Petty

    Dr. PettyMaand geleden

    What's the name of that outro?

  94. last of last

    last of lastMaand geleden

    smiley maniac

  95. Ollie Richardson

    Ollie RichardsonMaand geleden

    Round 1 vik ain’t playing the dead game like he for real

  96. Thea Aquilina

    Thea AquilinaMaand geleden

    KSIs laugh after Simon went and died on him is priceless!

  97. Marius Tagalog

    Marius TagalogMaand geleden


  98. кавказ

    кавказMaand geleden

    JJ being dead : 😅😂🤣 Vik being dead : 😳

  99. Nomad

    NomadMaand geleden

    JJ is so extra

  100. Naomi Masia

    Naomi MasiaMaand geleden

    Vik played it so well amazing win

  101. Naomi Masia

    Naomi MasiaMaand geleden

    Tobi at 16:02 me crying over homework given to me months ago and doing it the day it’s due before 11:59😭😭😂

  102. Georgia Lane

    Georgia LaneMaand geleden

    Everyone doing the tasks Ethan and josh have the best time of there lives