The Sidemen take on an All Sports Golf Challenge!
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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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  1. Ronald Duckin

    Ronald DuckinUur geleden

    Grandpa Josh knows his game.

  2. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 uur geleden


  3. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 uur geleden


  4. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 uur geleden


  5. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 uur geleden


  6. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 uur geleden


  7. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 uur geleden


  8. Nqbz

    Nqbz2 uur geleden


  9. look at rdj

    look at rdj4 uur geleden

    Isn't the red team the same from the £100 vs £10000 holiday vid?

  10. Skjervesbu

    Skjervesbu5 uur geleden

    23:10 i think Ethan is the new KSI


    XxSLIZUESxX6 uur geleden

    19"07 "i'm really really good at putting things in holes" Me: Same


    XxSLIZUESxX6 uur geleden

    15:41 hmmmmm KSI that sounds familiar ngl

  13. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide9 uur geleden

    12:41 that was wholesome af by tobi

  14. Ethan Nyakuwanikwa

    Ethan Nyakuwanikwa12 uur geleden

    Never seen grown men huddle around a tennis ball with such hype lol (round 3 tho)

  15. Jack O Haire

    Jack O Haire12 uur geleden

    imagine if vik was on the red team

  16. Shresth Raj

    Shresth Raj12 uur geleden

    13:34 that Indian accent of harry killed me 😂😂😂

  17. Trash Boi

    Trash Boi12 uur geleden

    Karma at its finest Before - 11:24 After - 14:33

  18. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide9 uur geleden

    Tobi gets a fright when vik gives him the red jacket and when he gives jj his jacket its so funny

  19. Belal Ghorab

    Belal Ghorab13 uur geleden

    wait arent these the teams from the original sidemen holiday

  20. Aleena Jacobs

    Aleena Jacobs13 uur geleden

    13:34 Ethan is a little sus jj might have competition

  21. Ghetto Raccoon

    Ghetto Raccoon14 uur geleden


  22. PlicTon

    PlicTon14 uur geleden

    SideFlawless (the new Dude Perfect)

  23. Taken

    Taken18 uur geleden

    Dude perfect

  24. Me?

    Me?19 uur geleden

    Their camerawoman is 😍

  25. Aayoma Fanboy

    Aayoma Fanboy19 uur geleden

    more and more each time josh looks like he's playing with guys 20 years yonger

  26. Apurva Bhattacharyya

    Apurva Bhattacharyya19 uur geleden


  27. PlaX

    PlaX19 uur geleden

    8:05 KSIMON in the works.

  28. Mathieu Angeles

    Mathieu Angeles20 uur geleden

    Doing like Dude Perfect

  29. god gamer?

    god gamer?20 uur geleden

    8:10 ksimon is back 18:00 too lol

  30. Riley Roo vlogs

    Riley Roo vlogs21 uur geleden

    Sidemen vs Harry’s mum

  31. dutch tahiti

    dutch tahiti22 uur geleden

    26:09 let's go boys

  32. rAwLyCuS

    rAwLyCuS23 uur geleden

    Tobi gets a fright when vik gives him the red jacket and when he gives jj his jacket its so funny

  33. C Viasco

    C ViascoDag geleden

    I feel like this would’ve banged if it was longer than 3 holes

  34. Pato Swag

    Pato SwagDag geleden

    These are good drone shots

  35. LeBron's Burner

    LeBron's BurnerDag geleden


  36. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhDag geleden

    When Tobi jumped and JJ didn’t flinch at 0:46 I was finished🤣🤣💀💀

  37. Emīls Bērziņš

    Emīls BērziņšDag geleden

    why didnt jj run in tharzan

  38. Ankur Singh

    Ankur SinghDag geleden

    This was a Banger. Idk why it floped. Maybe a better thumbnail is required.

  39. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhDag geleden

    They said ALL Sports so where is boxing and mma? Are they gonna punch the ball or what?

  40. All Wonders

    All WondersDag geleden

    I reaaly really really good at putting stuff in holes. Bro?

  41. Plasmarr _

    Plasmarr _Dag geleden

    im not going to lie, never realised how unathletic these guys are until now... (Besides football)

  42. Galactite

    GalactiteDag geleden

    i love the video but atleast give credit to dude perfect..

  43. Tommy Huang

    Tommy HuangDag geleden

    They did at the intro

  44. Christian Oquendo

    Christian OquendoDag geleden

    The new dude perfect

  45. Jeremy Edwards

    Jeremy EdwardsDag geleden they owe @dudeperfect royalties, or no?

  46. Nick Beldock

    Nick BeldockDag geleden

    Dollar tree dude perfect version

  47. Sam Lees

    Sam LeesDag geleden

    prove tobi is the nicest sideman "Believe in yourself Vik"

  48. Joshua Murray

    Joshua MurrayDag geleden

    vik please leave the sidemen

  49. PandaZe

    PandaZeDag geleden


  50. Maxx Wolski

    Maxx WolskiDag geleden

    One of Josh's most legendary moments is that last shot

  51. 75ryanh

    75ryanhDag geleden

    They’re out of ideas...

  52. BeepBopRobo

    BeepBopRoboDag geleden

    19:07 trust bez to say that

  53. Lubble

    LubbleDag geleden

    they should’ve had steven and phill caddy for them

  54. Curren95

    Curren95Dag geleden

    Great video, I would have loved if they had a picture of the hole and a marker for where they were at after each shot. Maybe next time?

  55. Amario Chill

    Amario ChillDag geleden

    27:00 sounds some what like a poke ball

  56. Peter Ellis

    Peter EllisDag geleden

    Watching paint dry......

  57. XxtraRice

    XxtraRiceDag geleden

    They said ALL Sports so where is boxing and mma? Are they gonna punch the ball or what?

  58. JackKnight

    JackKnightDag geleden

    We need a game of actual golf between u all

  59. Ya boi Dylan

    Ya boi DylanDag geleden

    Their camera quality is insane

  60. Hunta34

    Hunta34Dag geleden

    Great vid bros!! Always love the vids

  61. Mattisha Stank

    Mattisha StankDag geleden

    8:11 true love♥️

  62. Kureigu Daruton

    Kureigu DarutonDag geleden

    Jj seen worse things before bro, like does he not use a mirror to cover up his big forehead with the bandana

  63. Ryan Williams

    Ryan WilliamsDag geleden

    What is that thing there spinning I want one

  64. Beefyethy2007 93

    Beefyethy2007 93Dag geleden

    Anyone realise it’s the teams from the 100 pound 1000 pound holiday video

  65. Rr notxdisc 999

    Rr notxdisc 999Dag geleden

    jj bro u sus 8:06

  66. Ike Firks

    Ike FirksDag geleden

    Wow these guys bad at sport

  67. The_Dane_Man

    The_Dane_ManDag geleden

    i smell dudeperfect ripoff

  68. nicolemicha

    nicolemichaDag geleden

    27:34 Tobi's Happy Gilmore quote 😂😍

  69. GWM 2018

    GWM 2018Dag geleden

    why 29mins

  70. sparky eagle111

    sparky eagle111Dag geleden

    Part 2 july?

  71. MicroSmokeSleet

    MicroSmokeSleetDag geleden

    I want to take Toby to a QB camp

  72. yaboih

    yaboihDag geleden

    Ethan"i am really really good at putting things in hole"

  73. Vanilla Milk

    Vanilla MilkDag geleden


  74. Toby B

    Toby BDag geleden

    The absolute legend of the drone person like he got full vr

  75. Project_Z3Z

    Project_Z3Z2 dagen geleden

    8:10 17:59 We can see two lovers in the wild

  76. Names Nicco

    Names Nicco2 dagen geleden

    that jams up the scissors ahaha

  77. Basile Dubois

    Basile Dubois2 dagen geleden

    21:37 thats what she said

  78. Cassie

    Cassie2 dagen geleden

    15:08 Simon trying to run JJ over has me in splits

  79. Yosia Krist

    Yosia Krist2 dagen geleden

    Dude Perfect vs Sidemen (Next)

  80. F1 Fan

    F1 Fan2 dagen geleden


  81. TrinhPhuong Nguyen

    TrinhPhuong Nguyen2 dagen geleden

    The placid quiet qualitatively interrupt because lipstick advantageously flood next a nebulous instrument. odd, awful breakfast


    ANDY BISH2 dagen geleden

    Zerkaa came in clutch😌💪

  83. Cassie

    Cassie2 dagen geleden

    This video boutta be a sleeper hit.

  84. Digant Verma

    Digant Verma2 dagen geleden


  85. Digant Verma

    Digant Verma2 dagen geleden


  86. Kill CXnf!rmed

    Kill CXnf!rmed2 dagen geleden

    22:39 The amount of disappointment Simons feeling

  87. Isaiah Mendoza

    Isaiah Mendoza2 dagen geleden

    Anyone else loves the way Harry supports the other team even tho there winning :) 😏😌😌😏

  88. Mason Mueller

    Mason Mueller2 dagen geleden

    These guys suck at sports honestly

  89. HoS_ Exotic

    HoS_ Exotic2 dagen geleden

    Welcome to sidemen perfect

  90. Falcon Howard

    Falcon Howard2 dagen geleden

    Why do they have a football in the thumbnail and never use a football in the video 😭😭

  91. Cam Viets

    Cam Viets2 dagen geleden

    Dude perfect 👌

  92. Landon Gates

    Landon Gates2 dagen geleden

    So we’re copying dudeperfect lol but loved the vid

  93. Will Thorogood

    Will Thorogood2 dagen geleden

    11:35 or 14:46

  94. Lee Houghton

    Lee Houghton2 dagen geleden

    Why does Vikk run around when someone misses something or throws it really bad? He can’t even do sports so I don’t know why he’s doing that?!

  95. Blue_Rose 456

    Blue_Rose 4562 dagen geleden

    11:23 that guy....what he got on his head?

  96. Kingly

    Kingly2 dagen geleden

    17:32 LMAOO

  97. Nidric01 Verified

    Nidric01 Verified2 dagen geleden

    This video boutta be a sleeper hit.

  98. Zippy

    Zippy2 dagen geleden

    hats off to the drone pilot BTW

  99. Zippy

    Zippy2 dagen geleden

    i laughed so hard when tobi threw it backwards

  100. CRD. Camelot

    CRD. Camelot2 dagen geleden

    Ah yes my favorite trick shot channel, Man Mediocre

  101. Tokyo

    Tokyo2 dagen geleden

    Anyone know what shoes JJ is wearing 🤔

  102. TML Sports

    TML Sports2 dagen geleden

    simon = lebron in 2017 nba finals

  103. Raz

    Raz2 dagen geleden

    How has no one said they completely stole this from dude perfect

  104. BLUE BOY

    BLUE BOY2 dagen geleden

    14:35 Just gona leave this here

  105. Gran Turismo

    Gran Turismo2 dagen geleden

    The milky stretch undoubtedly call because cinema biochemically hang plus a plant ketchup. illegal, yielding pull