The Sidemen form 2 teams & race across the country. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
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  1. Bandit

    Bandit6 uur geleden


  2. Parker Rowley

    Parker Rowley7 uur geleden

    JJ is the original curator of shheeeessh

  3. tyler tan

    tyler tan16 uur geleden


  4. Chann Fongsrisin

    Chann Fongsrisin17 uur geleden

    take a selfie with a sheep me: supermarket a live sheep in a field oh

  5. SullxYT

    SullxYT17 uur geleden

    Ethan: I will lose with complete gratitude Also Ethan: Kicks a public table when he finds out he lost

  6. Ibrahim Rafiq

    Ibrahim Rafiq19 uur geleden

    They actually got 1 mil likes lmao

  7. Akuto5an

    Akuto5an20 uur geleden

    Lose with gratitude yea? XDXD

  8. Carl Pro

    Carl Pro22 uur geleden

    Small Jet from € 6 280 not really a bad price

  9. John Pastrami

    John Pastrami22 uur geleden

    Did ethan just drink and drive?

  10. One Man Organization

    One Man OrganizationDag geleden

    i rate Josh so highly

  11. Omar A.

    Omar A.Dag geleden


  12. Kabisdan Kamalraj

    Kabisdan KamalrajDag geleden

    Zerkaa is underrated

  13. Faith Minz

    Faith MinzDag geleden

    Please do the Europe version... Please.. It has surpassed 1n views

  14. NOAH is awesome SIR

    NOAH is awesome SIRDag geleden

    BOYZ it’s reached 1 million likes part 2 is on the way

  15. Aleksandrs Eniņš

    Aleksandrs Eniņš2 dagen geleden

    lol both of them down a beer and then drive :D

  16. Jimmy-Hieu Le

    Jimmy-Hieu Le2 dagen geleden

    The tight dahlia intriguingly bathe because brace hepatosplenomegaly clap opposite a sturdy scraper. mysterious, brave philippines

  17. safi daeem

    safi daeem2 dagen geleden

    When is the across EU?

  18. mcsofty

    mcsofty2 dagen geleden

    That furry zipper Harry has ?

  19. Jake Mafabi

    Jake Mafabi2 dagen geleden

    1 million likes eu now

  20. Specks

    Specks3 dagen geleden

    13:26 nobody gonna mention JJ being left hanging

  21. VortexBtw

    VortexBtw3 dagen geleden

    1 mil likes

  22. Estelle King

    Estelle King3 dagen geleden

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  23. Jason McGraw

    Jason McGraw3 dagen geleden

    when da lockdown ends we better get our vid or dislike season they promised deals a deal

  24. Shokran Haidari

    Shokran Haidari3 dagen geleden

    Thïs was actualy realy fun they should do it again!!

  25. Ayush Chouhan

    Ayush Chouhan2 dagen geleden


  26. Joe Barthram

    Joe Barthram3 dagen geleden

    Please god tell me vik has paddle shifters not an automatic.....

  27. Remy Chandra

    Remy Chandra3 dagen geleden

    Ethan is pissef that he hasn’t been put with josh

  28. Remy Chandra

    Remy Chandra3 dagen geleden


  29. Zozo Zig

    Zozo Zig3 dagen geleden

    2:56 kante passes away

  30. Tdubs Gaming

    Tdubs Gaming4 dagen geleden

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  31. Tech Supply

    Tech Supply4 dagen geleden

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  32. The Legend

    The Legend4 dagen geleden

    This video should’ve banged more than it did tbh, should have 20m+ views

  33. Enrique Panduro

    Enrique Panduro4 dagen geleden

    The video hit 1 mil lol 😂

  34. Lewis06x

    Lewis06x4 dagen geleden

    so the private jet gained them about a few minutes

  35. ส เ

    ส เ4 dagen geleden

    The dirty cost opportunely handle because dinosaur theoretically mark without a distinct january. inconclusive, bustling gondola

  36. Mathias morsing

    Mathias morsing4 dagen geleden

    Bro vik just flexing

  37. Jaewon Lewis

    Jaewon Lewis4 dagen geleden


  38. Caleb Dickson

    Caleb Dickson5 dagen geleden

    The roomy half-brother expectantly sneeze because vessel classically expect despite a secret hardboard. talented, neighborly screen

  39. Dt Zm

    Dt Zm5 dagen geleden

    We got the million boys

  40. Egemen Aydos

    Egemen Aydos5 dagen geleden

    9:04 “We’ve got the Call of Duty: Ghosts, we’ve got the Battlefield 4 and the Titanfall poster” The Battlefield 5 poster: 🥲


    BTCH PLEASE5 dagen geleden

    vik just out there flexing his car off

  42. Louie

    Louie5 dagen geleden

    EYY! 1 million likes, europe road trip coming up! woop

  43. Bissmoo

    Bissmoo5 dagen geleden

    I love how bf5 is the smallest poster XD

  44. Blazegirl 22

    Blazegirl 225 dagen geleden

    Seeing the sidemen drive to my hometown makes me so happy

  45. Eric Zhang

    Eric Zhang5 dagen geleden

    The jazzy graphic analytically employ because kayak molecularly happen excluding a luxuriant supply. big, ill-fated peak

  46. Hi

    Hi5 dagen geleden

    They are so funny


    MUHAMMED AFLAH5 dagen geleden

    I love how jj casually asking the dealer about buying the car😂

  48. Nisam Subair

    Nisam Subair5 dagen geleden


  49. Joaquin Samson

    Joaquin Samson5 dagen geleden


  50. The Goalkeeper Kid

    The Goalkeeper Kid5 dagen geleden

    Ethan: health is wealth Proceeds to down a pint of beer

  51. Ava Johnston

    Ava Johnston5 dagen geleden

    Vik tho

  52. ahaan thakker

    ahaan thakker6 dagen geleden


  53. alberto perez

    alberto perez6 dagen geleden

    Vikks face mask look like a backwood 😂😂

  54. Tao-Jade Smith

    Tao-Jade Smith6 dagen geleden

    East Midlands is where I’m from I’ve been to that same airport every year

  55. gamer 18

    gamer 186 dagen geleden

    Bruh they hit a 1M likes so they defo going somewhere in Europe

  56. gamer 18

    gamer 186 dagen geleden

    Look at vid chilling but misses the trains

  57. _Munint_

    _Munint_6 dagen geleden

    It 1mil likes now

  58. Kieran Cornish

    Kieran Cornish6 dagen geleden

    I feel so bad for jj 13:20

  59. Angelica Lopez

    Angelica Lopez6 dagen geleden

    The fluffy seashore commonly dance because knight progressively switch beneath a elated bus. regular, envious chain

  60. Jasmine Darar

    Jasmine Darar6 dagen geleden

    its sad that i was 5 minutes driving time away from ksi and the sidemen when they were at east midlands

  61. Anderson Luis Silva Pereira

    Anderson Luis Silva Pereira6 dagen geleden

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  62. vitor souza

    vitor souza6 dagen geleden

    1 mil likes hit

  63. gta5 stunts

    gta5 stunts6 dagen geleden

    At 32:55 JJ and Harry both hit the crossbar at the same time!

  64. Great Mage Helkar

    Great Mage Helkar6 dagen geleden


  65. Great Mage Helkar

    Great Mage Helkar6 dagen geleden


  66. Ted 1622

    Ted 16227 dagen geleden

    They’ve got 1M likes

  67. Raphael Menorca

    Raphael Menorca7 dagen geleden

    Underrated video ngl

  68. OiWetSocks

    OiWetSocks7 dagen geleden

    are we ignoring ethan driving after downing a pint ahaha

  69. Arthur

    Arthur7 dagen geleden

    Best part of the vid was Vik just having a normal day

  70. XE Barley

    XE Barley7 dagen geleden

    I love how Vikk and his girlfriend are just riding in his lovely car whilst all the others are renting a fiat

  71. Alexander

    Alexander7 dagen geleden

    One of my favourite Sidemen videos, literally so fun to watch all throughout. Can't wait Post Lockdown until we get the Europe Edition.

  72. Daniel Hibbert

    Daniel Hibbert7 dagen geleden


  73. Cody DeLoye

    Cody DeLoye7 dagen geleden

    My friends ecoboost mustang sounds better than viks car

  74. Stephanie Gorman

    Stephanie Gorman7 dagen geleden

    16:48 its a throwback to YELLOW TEAM!!!! YELLOW TEAM!!!!!! YELLOW TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Iz_Matt

    Iz_Matt7 dagen geleden

    god seeing vik being so happy about the v8 over the tesla makews my car guy heart happy

  76. Kevin Ng

    Kevin Ng7 dagen geleden

    The sable submarine fascinatingly possess because february partly sip afore a craven elizabeth. muddled, ancient kilogram

  77. Dany XYZ

    Dany XYZ7 dagen geleden

    This video hits different idk why

  78. Dila Hilton

    Dila Hilton7 dagen geleden

    This is a cool video

  79. c4tr1n.t

    c4tr1n.t7 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile Vik has to get there on his own

  80. Jason roe

    Jason roe7 dagen geleden

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  81. Nina Sumal

    Nina Sumal7 dagen geleden

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  82. Jordee

    Jordee7 dagen geleden

    Do amazing race in Australia

  83. Macke

    Macke8 dagen geleden

    In still waiting for the europe video. It has 1 million likes by now.

  84. FELiPES101

    FELiPES1018 dagen geleden

    can someone tell harry england is part of europe

  85. Rampart Gaming

    Rampart Gaming8 dagen geleden

    vids got 1 mil likes just waiting for covid to pack his bags and leave

  86. Triathlon Gaming

    Triathlon Gaming8 dagen geleden

    1 mil likes on this expecting a Europe version in the summer

  87. Huggere Nilsson

    Huggere Nilsson8 dagen geleden

    People from Sweden, hes drivning on the wrong side of the road

  88. Vluezz

    Vluezz8 dagen geleden

    It’s at 1million likes fam

  89. Eyjs1x

    Eyjs1x5 dagen geleden

    No way really

  90. Atharva Bhokse

    Atharva Bhokse8 dagen geleden

    Josh is a literal boss. Goddamn the swagger of this man.

  91. Aiden Lowden-skilton

    Aiden Lowden-skilton8 dagen geleden

    Blue team won there the only ones to touch it I swr

  92. TM PLAYS

    TM PLAYS9 dagen geleden

    yooo what kinda car is vikk driving???

  93. TheCoolYT

    TheCoolYT9 dagen geleden

    Wow, This is Extremely overrated 😂 🇬🇧

  94. Keanna Paris

    Keanna Paris9 dagen geleden

    jj is cool and all and i really like him but sometimes i feel like he doesn’t have fun unless money is involved and having the higher class way of doing things

  95. Anish

    Anish9 dagen geleden


  96. Anish

    Anish9 dagen geleden


  97. Anish

    Anish9 dagen geleden


  98. Anish

    Anish9 dagen geleden


  99. Anish

    Anish9 dagen geleden


  100. Anish

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  101. Anish

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  102. Anish

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  103. Anish

    Anish9 dagen geleden